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01/28/2012 11:37 PM

Intro--I have D2 and Need to Learn More

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'The Boomer 3'---high bp, cholesterol, diabetes2

How you ask?--Stress and sitting around. I am 63===dumb, dumb, dumb.

Walking now and eating better. Sugar--sugar--sugar---yes, I have eaten too much sugar.

By nature I am a 'worrier'---pure Type A. It runs in the family--like the diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure. Left to my own devices--I would long ago have moved to a coastal area and happily lived a different life.

One of my favorite quotes--Robert Louis Stevenson>>>

'Tis better to have a taste for collecting seashells than to be a millionaire.'

Of course--to live at 'The Beach'--you must find a way to 'pay for it'--and it is helpful to become a millionaire. lol.

Read my Diary--fascinating. 'The Saga of the Waving Girl'. I was a teacher---now on Disability. 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger'---my JOB nearly did 'kill' me. Fortunate that one of my students didn't think of that. Instead, they just lied and I had the choice to resign or face certificate revocation. It still 'bothers' me----stressful experience that I didn't 'Need'.



Metformin--1000mg/2x daily

Glipizide--1x daily


High BP---Lisinopril, Clonidine and another one Alpha??--have to look it up

20 mg Paroxetine/Paxil


I 'sort of understand'--how/what to eat. Not good on checking blood sugar. Have to get 'On That'.

It is good to discuss the finer points. I attended an excellent Diabetes Education class and am ready to do better. Laughing


01/31/2012 02:54 AM
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Hello Talahi,

I'm glad you attended the Diabetes class. If you still unsure about what to/not to eat see a dietitian. They'll help you on how to read food labels, help you learn what foods (how much/how little) etc.

You really need to GET ON with checking your blood sugar. Consistent low and/or high blood sugar can cause serious health consequences.

Best of luck.



02/24/2012 11:20 PM
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I am working on 'taking control of my life' in many ways.

Having identified the source of my 'stress/depression' and more or less accepted the mysterious gift that my Creator chose to bestow upon me ---a family that only sees 'what is wrong'--with me, with others, not themselves, etc --it does 'hurt'---but supposedly I can control my 'response' to the surgical precision with which I am endlessly dissected.

Not a 'good' reason to not check blood sugar. I admit. But, I have learned to criticize myself and speak negatively to myself and gotten pretty much from the hole into the abyss.

Never, in my formative years--did I hear anything about 'Love' being brutal and painful. Some things they don't tell you ---eh? I personally cannot reconcile --'Love is patient and kind, etc' with the sort of interaction that has always characterized my relationships with my mother's family. My father didn't have much family and they lived in different areas. From the few members I have met---I would have fit in better with my father's family. That was not an option. Beyond my control---12 step programs--have the wisdom to know what is totally beyond your control. I acknowledge that I am indeed powerless to 'make' anyone like or respect me. Some just won't or can't---dealing with their own issues---regardless of how they seem to feel that they don't have 'issues'--only I have issues---'bad-tempered, evil, mean spirited, lazy, crazy and not someone who should be tolerated by others--any and all others'---fabulous --it was always fabulous--to hear such opinions about myself. 'Your problem is-..........'/gavel.

'I don't even believe you have diabetes--you are just pure evil'---even though diabetes has run in our family for generations. In my case, just a manipulative 'lie'---whatever, whatever. Medical professionals confirm that I do indeed have Diabetes Type 2 and feel that I should do much more to improve my chances with this disease--who in 'H' are they? I am certain one member of my family thinks I 'lied' to my doctor and found a way to fool those who analyze my lab tests. That is the sort of person they think I am. Garbage --just garbage. If you have to be that sort of person--hopefully 'something' will change your distorted thinking. Not likely-but there is always hope.

it is a full time job---understanding the finer points of diseases and medications.

others do it and so can I.



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