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03/31/2009 12:46 PM

Lidocaine Cream


Has anyone tried lidocaine cream for pain? It works by preventing nerves from transmitting painful impulses to the brain. My doctor told me his research showed good results with it, but I can't remember talking about it online. I remember someone out there used lidocaine patches. My pain management doctor said the cream will help the 'surface pain'... like the stings from DD. He doubts it will help with the deeper pain with DD, but it's still worth a try. I use a mail prescription pharmacy so I haven't used it yet. I can't wait to try it!! Some days I feel like I have a hundred papercuts on my legs that just got wiped with alcohol, I think the cream may help for that and maybe even the stings that feel like piercing needles.

I'll let you all know my results if you're interested. Smile


03/31/2009 03:28 PM

Suri..Hi there sweetie! Is the lidocream RX or can you get it over the counter? I use a roll on called Glucosimine Pain Relief which also contains capsaicin and aloe vera. It is a topical pain relief and can help a little temporarily..I think Aspricream is the best otc product.

also check out

for TENS units...they even have a program where they furnish free stuff if you are indigent.

I was really bad last night as I overdid it yesterday so I am just sitting around today. I'm trying to get my daughter to come over and clean my house again. I am a fussy housekeeper so it kills me to see dust! I have beautiful new drapes for the bedroom for my husband to hang and I have to sort the Easter stuff out for the kids. We are going to Easter Brunch at the Buckeye Cafe, which is a fun place with lots of electronic games the kids can play. It houses all the OSU memorabilia. Pain-pain-go-away-come-again-another-day!! Hugs, Grandma Sylvia

04/01/2009 10:06 AM

No, it isn't over the counter, it is prescription... I am waiting on it in the mail because I use a mail in pharmacy (medco). I have no clue how much it costs but I quit asking... Once I went to the pharmacy to get my estrogen patches (needed them ASAP so I didn't mail in the prescription), the lady looked at me and asked if I knew how much they cost (with her eyes real big, like they were a million dollars)... I told her I didn't care if it's a thousand bucks, I need them right now or I will die!!! LOL! I laugh but I was serious! My menopause puts me on the edge of reality and I feel suicidal without my estrogen. That mail-in pharmacy has my credit card on file and has my permission to charge what ever it is. I hope the cream isn't super expensive, but if it works I will pay whatever it takes (until I drain the savings and we go bankrupt)

The Buckeye cafe sounds like fun. We haven't made any easter plans but should! Something my pain therapist tells me is to make a plan for each weekend and stick to it (look forward to it all week and then do it). Even if it is just walking the banks of the Ohio or something free.

Oh I know about the dust, LOL! I moved a magazine on the coffee table the other day and left a nice shiny spot where it was. I put it off until I have to do it, pain or no pain... I usually wait until one of my dogs starts sneezing, LOL... they are Chihuahuas and their noses are about 5 inches from the floor, if they sneeze I know dusting and vacuuming is needed.

I am so anxious about the lidocaine, I hope it comes today! It was processed on Friday so I think I should get it today. I hope it helps me. My doctor sounded really confident about it. I hope he is right!

04/02/2009 02:21 PM

Just a little follow up on the lidocaine cream...

It might work on the surface pain, the kind that happens now and then for me that feels like a lot of paper cuts. I haven't had a day yet with that light type of surface pain, but when I do I will need another tube for the other leg. It says to "Dab it on and not rub it in" If I do that I will use one months worth on one leg. The tube is so small (or maybe my legs are so big, hehe)

I need a vat of the stuff to dip my legs in and a hoist to hold me up so I won't rub it off on furniture... then let me hang there for an hour and I may be able to judge the results.

I will jot a follow up here when I have that surface pain and try it on one leg. I'll ask my doc if it comes in vats. Smile

04/03/2009 03:22 AM

I was curious what over the counter lidocaine stuff I could buy. There is a burn relief gel that is over the counter. It has lidocaine in it but I don't know how much. I may have to buy it.

Hawaiian Tropic Cool Aloe I.C.E. Burn Relief Gel with Lidocaine

Last night I used almost the whole tube of lidocaine cream and I actually could notice a difference. My legs felt cool and slightly numb. I doubt I can get a tube of the stuff daily though.

04/03/2009 03:52 AM

That formula I mentioned is from a pharmacist supposedly. I like Aspercreme and the other stuff sounds like it might help. Hugs, Grandms Sylvia

04/03/2009 04:13 AM

Oh I don't see where you mentioned the formula here... but I saw it on the the other thread. I do have aspercream handy. I may try that out, I guess it has lidocaine in it? Well, duh, I guess I could go get it from the cabinet and read the ingredients! Speaking of that... the text on medicines and papers that come with medicines is getting smaller and smaller!!!! I couldn't even read one the other day WITH my glasses on! I had to use a magnifying glass!!! I wonder about strange stuff and one of the things I wonder about is WHY is the TEXT so SMALL!!! The majority of medications are taken by older people and most older people have eyesight problems. The papers that come with meds needs to be BIG!!!

04/03/2009 05:22 PM

Well least you could make up a big batch of this stuff and not worry about using a whole tube of expensive RX stuff in one application. We have to mostly try to help ourselves and we don't get much help from the doctors. With my bad feet...they say to just keep my feet up and try not to walk...for like the rest of my life. I am at this moment instructing my sweet husband how to cook dinner. We have an open floor plan so I can nag him from my chair. Without him, I would need Meals On would be easier to lose weight then! I can't read that print either..I need cataract husband already had his and he says that even if you take your glasses off and put it right up to your face..after the surgery you can't read it at all. Hugs, Grandma Sylvia

04/03/2009 08:32 PM
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I use some blue roll on gel on my neck to get relief from the fibromyalgia. I have never rolled it on my lumps though. I also love Head On Migraine. It really does help with migraines, sinus headaches and tension headaches.

04/03/2009 09:24 PM

That note at the top of the screen says..TrioCaine no RX needed

Active Ingredients:


It says not to use over a widespread so maybe that is why they give small tubes of the RX strength? You can get a big thing but it is very expensive.


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