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10/08/2009 08:50 AM

Do you ache when it rains?


Here in Indiana - and much of the midwest - it is raining and raining. I am pretty achey today. Don't know if it's from the fibromyalgia, the lumps under the skin, the Dercum's or what! Do your lipomas ache when the weather changes?

Tell me how YOU feel when it rains - or just how you're feeling today.

I'm dreaming of a good book and a snuggly blanket. Instead I am at work on my lunch break. Sad

Take care!


P.S. If you're just reading this for the first time, there is a disease called Dercum's Disease which has symptoms similar to fibro but also has painful lumps under the skin. To find out more about it, visit the Fibromyalgia-Lumps support group on mdjunction or sign on and ask us questions!

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10/08/2009 06:22 PM
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Diane, I have been feeling really bad. The rainy weather definatly affects me. I have the body aches, but my liver is acting up again with lots of pain. Dont dare stray to far from the bathroom either. One thing good with liver pain, it seems to take away my appetite so I'll probably loose some weight.Laughing I have a few good hours in the morning, then the pain starts up and I have no energy, so I have been spending most of my time on the sofa sleeping.

What the heck happened to all of the other people on this website? I haven't heard from anyone and there are no new posts except you. Weird. Where did they all go?

Good to hear from you, Celeste.

10/08/2009 06:55 PM

Hey Celeste!

I am so glad you are still speaking to me! Smile

Here are my theories....

1) Everybody else has the fall blues and is hiding away

2) The colder weather is making them all ache so they are napping

3) They rebeled and formed their own group

4) We're in a Twilight Zone episode

I'm leaning toward #4 myself! Laughing

I'm sorry to hear your liver is aching. That just can't feel good. Is it like cramping? My back is really killing me now. I might blame it on the workout yesterday but I think it has more to do with arthritis, Dercum's and the cold, wet day. When I reach back and rub some spots I am finding lumps. Great! I didn't know the weather made LUMPS hurt!

I'm finishing up on ebay and getting ready to wrap up in a snuggly blanket. One more work day. Yippee! How are your ebay sales going?

Hugs to you my only friend! Wink


10/08/2009 07:17 PM
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Diane, I just checked with the members page and you and I are the only ones who are online. We are the only ones who have posted anyting for a few days! I think your right, Twilight Zone! I know that Sylvia seemed to be getting sicker and sicker. I am worried about her. I just sent her a hug. I also know that Trudy was really sick. Hope she is getting better.

I was just reading up on some more DD stuff. I checked a website that shows just how prevelent a rare disease is, and they don't even list Dercums Disease because they say that there is no way to know exactly as it is thought so many people with DD have not been properly diagnosed that they don't have a count. WELL... WE KNEW THAT ONE!.

I also found that there are several names for DD. I have heard of Anders syndrome, Dercums Disease or syndrome, adiposis dolorosa, but did you ever hear of Dercum-Vitant syndrome? That was a new one for me.

I am betting that your backache is from the weather. I get really achey from damp weather. I actually feel better in the middle of winter when it gets dry here. My skin gets dry but the pain is less. I also found that sometimes my backache is actually my stomach making my back hurt. If I press on my stomach, I feel it in my back. I also have what is called referred liver pain that hurts down on my waist on the right side in back. My liver is full of fat and is enlarged. I ate tacos on Monday evening and my liver has been bad since. I ate too much fat I guess.

I know what you mean with new lumps. I recently have found maybe hundreds of just tiny lumps in my upper arms that feel like grains of rice under the skin. sort of freake me out when I feel them. I just hope they don't grow! I hate it when new lumps show up.

I have sold 4 ebay lots before I was even done listing all of my stuff. I usually put a few items with the "buy it now" feature. I currentyl have lots of bids on my doll outfits. Sold 1 of the newer dolls. The others have lots watchers. I still have over 2 days to go. So hopefully I get more bids. Celeste.

10/08/2009 07:33 PM

Hey Celeste!

I swear we are sisters at heart! I was looking up the members, too! And found the same thing. Trudy hasn't been on for over a week! I AM worried about her! Wish I knew of another way to get hold of her. I might have her husband's email address so maybe I will email him and ask. If Sylvia DID have her surgery, she said she would be off for a few days until she could see again. So let's hope that's what it is and all went well and she is healing from everything.

I'm surprised Sigrid hasn't been on for quite some time. Though I know she also stays away when she doesn't feel good. We must be the two who like to talk rather than hibernate when we feel bad!

My upper arms are like that, too. Even my lower arms feel like they have some tiny bumps. My arm flaps are just horrid. I think since I have been working out I have a defined line between where my arm should end and where the Dercum's fat starts. I know we have to accept our bodies but geez!

Did you tell me you sell Ginny stuff? Good deal on all the bids! I've been selling quite a bit from my store. Took a load to the post office today. Had 2 going to Australia, one to Bulgaria and about 5 inside U.S. I already have 3 more I need to pack in the morning. Good though - I can use the extra money.

I had better get to bed. I swore I wouldn't stay up this late again today but I HAD to answer you!

Good night!



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10/08/2009 07:35 PM

Oh yeah - I did read about the Dercum-Vitant name somewhere. My doc called it adiposis dolorosa - as does Dr. Herbst. Last time I saw him I said "adiposisi dolorosa is too hard to say so can we just say Dercum's?" I am soooo glad he puts up with me! Wink


10/10/2009 06:05 PM

Okay, so back to this fibromyalgia with lumps under the skin thing... How many did you have before you decided it must be something more than fibro? I think my whole arm was full of them. Actually I noticed my hip and thigh had almost a mass of lumps first. That was when I was doing pt for my flexor. Plus the deep massage hurt and bruised me. That was when I really started thinking something else was going on.

I guess I'd gotten used to lumps. I tend to be one to watch and if I don't die, it must not be too bad. Actually my internist has been watching one for years. It was the same size for probably eight years and now that the Dercum's is progressing it seems like it is getting bigger. Have you noticed that?

Sigrid, besides giving you more energy, have you noticed your diet having any effect on the size of the lumps or angiolipomas?

How is everybody doing?



10/10/2009 08:34 PM
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I had the lumps for a couple of years before I was diagnosed with Fibro. I had a very painful lump in my breast that I had removed. I felt it everytime I bent over. The surgeon told me that it was a very strange lump as there were 2 lumps connected together with a band and they were lypomas with a blood supply. I had a lump on my right side under the arm below the bra strap that I asked the surgeon to remove at the same time. That request was denied. After the surgery the Dr. saw the lump and it was red, the Dr. said to me that we should have removed that lump also! I guess they forgot that I asked to have it removed and was denied.

I feel that the breast lumps and the one under the arm on my side were the first lumps that I noticed. I now have them down both sides of my body, across the ribs, down each leg from the hip to the knee in chains of lumps. The lumps in my arms are just tiny like grains of rice, but there are hundreds of them. I blame the leg lumps on being told to "get exercise walking" to releive the Fibro pain in my legs. The lumps really started up after I was walking for awhile. Now I limit my walks to just 1/2 mile per day, but only when I am not having pain. I tried to have massage and I couldn't stand the pain I had for days afterward. Even the blood pressure cuff at the Dr.'s office causes pain and weakness in that arm for 2 days. I think that the bruising I get is so deep that it takes days for the bruises to work their way to the surface of the skin and show up, then sometimes they are just a light yellow color and at the end of the healing process. I think that when I am hurting, I stop any movement as this seems to start the lumps growing. I have noticed a series like this. Too much movement, then comes pain for a few days, then comes itching and bruising from healing. I have to be careful not to scratch to hard as this causes more brusing and more lumps, and larger lumps to appear.

I still have the original lump on the side below the bra strap area, it is now like a rope under the skin, it still hurts when I scratch it or I get a "bear hug" from someone, but it has gotten harder when I feel it, and it now sort of hangs alittle, like a little skin flap. I figure I have had that lump for atleast 15+ years. Now there is a whole slew of lumps in chains down the side from that main lump and up across my mid-back.

Diane, I agree with you. I think I have gotten used to the lumps. I just hate it when I have an itch, that I scratch and I find a whole bunch more. They do start out small, then get larger the older that they are. I can't say that I have ever had any disappear or go away. I have several large lumps in my breasts that I was told were from fibro-cystic breast disease, but I believe that they are DD lumps.

Hope you are all doing well, Hugs to all, Celeste.

10/11/2009 03:12 PM

Hey all!

Good to know I'm not alone with this - not that I thought I was... That is REALLY interesting what you said about a pattern of more lumps after moving a lot. I will have to watch and see. I haven't really observed any pattern yet. Other than the DEFINITE one from doing strenuous leg exercises and seeing my thighs blob up. I'm watching to see if the aquasize will cause anything. I have one huge angiolipoma at the top of my thigh. It bulges out of my bathing suit so that one is noticeable every time I get ready to go in the pool. I stabbed myself in the thigh with a needle - wonder what will happen now....

Okay, here is the dumb story. I was working on my cross sticth in here and the needle dropped and I clenched my legs together so it woudn't fall to the floor and duh... the needle was sideways on my leg so when I slammed them together, I slammed the needle into my thigh! Sad Dang reflexes!

I have a lot of the chain ones, too. The ones on my arm range from rice to pea size. Many are like a half pea - round on top but flat on the bottom. The thighs are almost a solid mass with bumpy areas. Oh, this is so much fun!

I think I will finally go back and see my doc this week. We need to do some show n tell and i need to tell him what I've been trying and maybe get some xrays done. I have a lump at the top of my spine that seems pretty solid and doesn't seem to move so I want to make sure it's not something going on with my bones. I have arthritis in my back so it's hard telling what's going on.



10/11/2009 05:29 PM
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Diane and Celeste..I survived the first cataract surgery and the next one is on the 20th...what they fail to tell you is that you can't see in between. After the swelling goes down you can get a lens made...20 days after the first surgery so you can see out of that eye until the other one heals. I hope that I get a RX in time to get the lens made. My distance vision is good in the operated eye but I can't see to read or use the computer until I get the new if you don't hear much...don'f give up on me! DD people tend to have times when they just feel too miserable to post. You know I was dealing with two tooth infections and a new root canal..I still have a temp filling on one that I need to get done ASAP. The strong antibiotics they put me on gave me terrible IBS as usual...I am eating Activia but still not back to normal. I still have a failed root canal to get done but I am scared. My jaw always swells with any dental work. This time the lipomas along my jaw swelled so bad and hurt so bad..the individual lumps grew together and formed a big fat sausage all along my jaw. I was afraid they would not do the cataract surgery as the swelling went up to my eye socket but it went down just in time. Cataract surgery is a beautiful thing. I had no idea how poor my vision was. Colors are so beautiful and bright now...everything had a yellow haze before. My eye that isn't done yet still sees just fuzzy yellow everywhere. My new eye sees glorious colors. I thought we had not had a beautiful fall for years..even took a drive thru WV last fall to see the colors...and it was my eyes...not the trees! I am missing this fall having eye surgeries.My daughter is very sick with almost pneumonia. They did not test her for the H1n1 OR whatever it is...she works i a doctor's office now. She has asthma and so do the kids so I really hope they don't get it. I will write more when I can see better. Wanted to remind Celeste that IBS is a cornerstone of DD and maybe it is not her liver but IBS. I suffer a lot from mine and my daughter who may also be getting DD and has IBS can't digest fat properly. When the weather changes we get miserable. Winter is our worst that it is getting colder I am getting worse. Those lumps at the top of the leg are terribly painful. My thousands of lumps are all killing me...what else is new! I do a little dry brushing but my hands are too bad. Here in the Twilight Zone the lipomas are having a lipoma party in my body..yes lines and rows and clusters and groups ...gaggles and herds..from the rice size ones to the ping-pong ball ones all aching and throbbing and swelling and just generally playing their little DD games. HELP! Hugs, Cyclops Grandma Sylvia

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