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06/15/2009 11:15 AM


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I had my MRI this past Friday at Emory. They were very thorough and it took 4 hours, most of them spent in the MRI machine. They did both with and without contrast. It was 4 different MRI's (thighs, hips, waist, chest). They told me that was a lot of MRI's that were ordered. I am pleased that they were so thorough even though it was torture to lay on that table for that long. The IV wasn't too bad and I could barely feel the contrast dye. The xray tech said that I won the award for the most tests ordered and staying on that table the longest!

I should know the results sometime this week, so hopefully they will show up on the MRI!

Have any of you had an MRI before? What were the results?


06/15/2009 12:29 PM
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You'll find most or all of us have been through the same process with, sadly to say, little result.

The lipomas don't show up & even if they did, it is not helpful as they don't know what to do about it.

Having said that, they may find other things which they may be able to do something about.

I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but over the years I've had every possible test done & all that showed was my athritis!

Worst of all, they fill you up with medication, which has terrible side effects & then they give u some more for that & the cycle goes on.

Sorry, but I believe doctors kill us, very slowly, with all this medication & they are, as far as I'm concerned, puppets on a string to keep the pharmecutical companies rich, raking in billions of dollars!!!!!!!!!!!

The truth is, the only thing that really helps, is to have no stress, trauma or anything which may be upsetting in your life.

No sugar, organic food & as little as possible.

Plenty of fresh air, swimming, if only gentle & hot baths with essential oils such as lavender, tea tree or eucalyptus.

Gentle massages & oh, there is a machine, I must find out the name of it, which can also be helpful.

Moast of all, faith, a prayer in ur heart, trusting that God will look after you & help, according to ur faith.

Most of all, a positive attitude in the face of adversity!

Attitude is everything!

All the best with the results.

Aren't u on my fb yet?

Love & Hugs,


06/16/2009 06:57 PM
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I think you mean the Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber as the machine. I am doing supplements, dry brushing, baths with oils, massage, etc. I know I need to eat better though!

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