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04/25/2012 10:36 AM


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I read somewhere that a gluten free diet helped this disease. Has anyone here tried that?

I'm new here but have so many syndromes it's ridiculous and all are painful.

Any help would be appreciated


04/25/2012 04:24 PM
ali91Posts: 178

Have had to go completely gluten-free in the last few months...which has pretty much eradicated my IBS...and I'm 52! Who knew at my age I'd have to change my diet to this extent, but I'm used to it now, however giving up gluten/wheat has not had any effect on all the other issues with DD. Sorry about that one.


04/26/2012 01:39 AM
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Syndromegal...Welcome to the group. I have heard a lot about people using the gluten/wheat elimination but I have not heard anyone remark that it helped their DD. Dr Karen Herbst has a website with a lot of good DD information. She usually tells people to eliminate meat and diary. She is a vegan but does not expect everyone to go vegan. She says to cook the vegetables not to eat raw vegetables. A lot of DD people have IBS like Alison and I'm glad to hear that it helped to eliminate hers. You can probably read more about Dr Herbst's diet on her web site...Lipoma

She advised me to go on the Mediterranean diet. Maybe more of our members will answer your post. If you try it..keep us in the loop. is wonderful that the diet helped you. Hugs, Grandma Sylvia


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