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05/29/2011 08:08 AM

Lymph and toxins


We are all talking about toxins that our body produces, but what about the toxins our body produces, and the toxins as far as meds that we take....

Does anyone know what all the causes are with everything we do to live with the pain?

I know it sounds funny...but if we can't get rid of the toxins we produce and it get stored so we have to do extra to get rid of that stuff....but what about other items foods, meds, beverages does our bosy digest and rid ourselves of that?

Isn't it one in the same or not?

Sorry if my question isn't coming out right. I am completely exhausted for temperatures out here of 105 degrees, and activities I try to keep up with on a regular basis.


05/29/2011 03:12 PM
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Jean - all toxins whether produced naturally by the body or what we consume or put on ourselves can make a faulty lymphatic system work worse. That is why trying to eat organic and natual foods are suggested. I try to cut back on processed foods. I try not to use make up all the time and try to use natural things if I can such as cleaners and personal care. I cannot afford this 100% and neither do I find natural stuff works for me the best (such as my deodorant - which is put on right over a couple of big masses of lymphnodes all the time but I cannot tolerate to have sticky armpits either!).

All you can do is baby steps and make some wize choices when possible. There are even many toxins in the air we breathe now, so we cannot avoid them 100% but changing just a few things may help. Oh and yes, the medicines we take have fillers. Fillers/Enriched products (such as white rice)/Processed Foods (usually these are ones that have a bunch of long names in the ingredients taht are things you have no clue what they are) are all things you should try to avoid if possible.

Things that are good for the lymphatic system: drink plenty of water; eat raw fruits (if possible - the enzymes in raw fruits helps the lymphatic system cleanse); lemon water first thing in the morning gets your acidity in check and helps cleanse your system; "rebounding" or bouncing to move your lymph fluids; and massaging also helps improve the flow. There are certain herbs that can be taken but always check with your doctor because some herbs can have an adverse affect on medicines that you are on.

I hope that answers your question. I wish there was an easy solution but we all just need to do a bit of research and make what changes we can afford and are comfortable with. I switched to organic eggs and, yes, they are a little more expensive but I actually really like the taste of them better. Now I won't but anything but organic eggs. If you cannot buy organic fruits and vegetables make sure you clean them really well. It won't get rid of all the toxins but at least some will come off. Beware that not all "natural" or "organic" labels mean they are just that. There is a standard but anything that is already made is basically processed so though these foods are better for you than ones without the labels (this is for the USA/not sure waht standards other countries use to label these foods), they are not 100% toxin free. Even canned vegetables are not great. Better off getting frozen.

Man, I could keep going on and on with this. After my "no steroid" policy, this is my second favorite thing to babble on about.W00t

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05/29/2011 04:20 PM
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Great rant Janet - you can rant on these topics anytime you want to because truthfully it never hurts to be reminded that babysteps might be small but sometimes they can be difficult or uncomfortable.

Every little change we make for a healthier lifestyle accumulates to make for a healthier body. I think you should rant about this topic at least once every month to keep us all on our toes. Thanks!!

05/29/2011 09:09 PM

I am all for the ranting, and thank you very much Janet for clearing all that stuff up for me. But have you heard of those foot thingy's...they are like pads you put on the bottom of your feet and are supposed to take toxins out of you.

They came out a few years back and I remember seeing them at Walgreens and places like that....


05/29/2011 11:44 PM
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HI Jean,

Based on my experience I would recommend that you not use the pads. I was using the treatment where you put your feet in water with an electric currnet and the toxins move to the feet and out of the body. It made me worse - the toxins moved from my very toxid pelvic area (I had the huge toxic stomach area like Sylvia) to my legs which had been clear until then. Since then I have had cellulitis and can't get rid of it; the lipoedema is worse then ever. The pads also pull the toxins to the feet and they gave me leg pains. Based on my experience, I would leave them on the shelf and not risk it! Use the brushing, etc.

Make your own choice , as always!


also - in natural medicine they use an intestional cleanse to clean out the build-up of toxins in the intestines (this stuff can be ugly in getting our pipes clean). The intstines are very important in our overall health. Toxic build ups here are often related to allergies and other reactions like in environmental illness. If you try this, be sure your doc is Ok with it and you are working with a person who knows the process. My daugher did one of the a couple of months ago and it helped lower her body's toxic level - which has a lot to do with how we react to things like meds and foods. I am not a doctor so take this for waht it is worth.

05/30/2011 01:15 PM

Thanks for the advice! I appreciate it, and you very much!

01/11/2013 03:26 AM
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Re: Lymph & Toxin:

I found a nice product from a Clinic in Malaysia, all they do is Detoxification. It's called "So Easy" and it's true. Each box (you get 3 per order), contains 2 Sachets of bio-wheatgrass, 2 sachets of bio-cell, 3 sachets of bio-diet, 3 sachets of bio-balance. Some are taken before meals, some after, some during, you use up 10 packets per day. It's the best cleanse I've used. It gets out Mucoid Plaque, somethng that even a colonic does not do. It's a little pricy but well worth it. It can be used alone without food for a really good cleanse as well. You don't get hungry.

After completing it my sweet tooth was mostly gone.


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