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03/10/2008 01:43 PM

Boyfriend's mother not doing too great

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Hi all, well Im looking for help in dealing with a situation.We are all new to this, the family and myself. None of us are sure how to handle this and we feel we need to talk to people who are more informed and have had first hand experience with depression in the family.

the general symptoms the mother is exhibiting are,...

she is experiencing loss of memory ,or memory lapse,confusion,fear,unsettled,hallucinations,severe pain not headache as such but deep seated pain in head says cold sharp pain,occurs in short spasms,shaky,discordant behavior here and there.

She also has developed negativity toward everything and has been heard on occasion asking the Lord to take her. She seems to have given up on a lot.

Prior to this, she had been trying to get a Visa o a foreign country so she could visit her pregnant daughter. There were complications associated with the pregnancy like a cracked pelvic bone. Having been denied the visa on 3 different occasions, she started blaming herself for failing to answer corretly consulate questions. She is a widow of over 11years. Round xmas time last year just a few weeks after th last visa denial, she was involved in an accident with her daughter, grandsn and son-in law. After that she mentioned she was in shock but tried to be strong for her daughter and baby boy.

She started having insomnia and nightmares, she is not comfortable in her home very distracted in so many ways and is always saying she has chest pains.

Im not sure we are handling everything right, she has been taken for brain scans to check on those cold chills in the head.

Anyone with suggestions please help. Therapy has been suggested and she is pretty adament not to go, meds for depression would bring out a rebelion in her as well.

Im kinda on the edge now!!!


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