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12/09/2009 01:46 PM

Hi, I'm new and i been depressed this week.


Hi, I'm new and I been extreemly sad this week.

i been crying alot and i was not upset about anything or upset at anyone. i wasn't thinking of anything sad. just cried. and cried. i brought this up in another group and found out that having fibromyalgia you can get depressed i am not sure if it's my medications or just something that happens. i am going bring it up to my doctor at my next visit but in the mean time.

i would like to chat to others who also have depression.

please stay in touch.

Thank you


12/09/2009 03:05 PM
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Depression can hit anyone at any time. Fibromyalgia or not. Check the affects and side affects of your meds. If depression is one, ask your Dr if there is another med that does not have that side affect. If meds are not the issue, you, like, may just be one of those lucky people who need to take an antidepressant. So what?

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