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02/23/2010 07:41 PM



Well I'm new to the site, and I'm hoping to mostly work out some things that seem to be holding me down. So, it's good to finally find a site like this, and I'm definitely looking forward to receiving and giving help if I can!

02/23/2010 08:37 PM

Hi! I too am fairly new. Welcome! I have met so many friendly people here, and they all care so much. They will support you and help you if you let them. Welcome, and I hope to get to know you.


02/23/2010 09:02 PM
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Hi Xadrian and welcome to our depression group. We are a warm, welcoming bunch, so feel free to post whatever and whenever.

I look forward to hearing your story when you're ready to post it. But you can post anything; it doesn't have to be your story - your choice.

Warm welcoming wishes,


02/24/2010 05:01 AM
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Hi Xaridan, Warm welcome to you. Glad you found us. We are a caring supportive group. I hope you will find it a place of understanding and comfort. Post whenever you feel ready. Hugs to you.

Welcome to you too Sunnyflower! Welcome hugs to you also, Rachele


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