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02/09/2010 10:56 PM

my struggle


hi,i have been living with depression for 10yrs now. everyday is a struggle just to get by. sometimes i just want to give up, im soo sick of having depression and my other medical conditions. ive been on a wide variety of antidepressants, anti anxiety and sleep medications.i have an excellent psychiatrist which does help. just having someone to talk to and to help me is good but my family will never understand as they havent been through everything that i have. no one ever understands and never will

02/09/2010 11:14 PM

Tell us about your problem, you may be surprised to find out we all have a lot in common. Try to tell your story so we can help.

Always Caring


02/10/2010 12:49 AM
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Blackdays let me start off by saying my name is Viv and I am glad you have found our great group of people here. All of us here understand depression in one form or another. You don;t ever have to be afraid of what you put on here you surely will not be judged.

All of us knows what it feels like really not to have a good support system. Thats because the ones that do not have it dont understand it. You don' even want to know how many times my family has told me to pick myself up and dust myself off and try again. Now if it was that easy I would of thought of that. So I try to not listen to the comments because I know depression is real. Feel free to talk and post here we are really glad to have you here with us. Many blessings to you!

02/10/2010 07:57 AM
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Hi, my name is Ben and I am very thankful for finding this group. I have depression, insomnia and PTSD.

I know what your going thru, it takes a gallon of coffee sometimes just to get my feet on the floor sometimes. finding something to take your mind off life is hard, facing your problems head on is even harder.

dont be afraid to ask for help. thats why we are here.

it helps to talk it over with someone who has allready been there.

02/10/2010 08:38 AM
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Hi Blackdays, Welcome to the group. I have had depression several long years myself. It is never easy, always challenging to motivate myself, get decient sleep and find some way to find some peace and happieness under the dark cloud. Share anytime, lots of people here to talk to and get some support. Rachele

02/10/2010 11:07 AM
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Hi Blackdays, first please accept my welcome to our group along w/ the others'. I'm sorry you need us but glad that you found us. And, as the others have said, we do understand because we are there, or in some cases have been there. I have suffered from depression off and on since I was 3, and now I have several other conditions as well. Tho I had some good times in my life, my current bout of depression has been going for 16 years and counting because of the events of my life in that time frame.

As for others understanding, it's really hard to understand something one has not been thru. When somebody tells me to snap out of it, depending if it's someone I care about responding to, I tell them that depression is a disease, not a choice. It's just that it's in our brain chemicals rather than our bodies. Sometimes I ask if they would tell me to snap out of diabetes; of course that idea horrifies most people, and that's when I pounce and tell them I have as much control over depression as people have w/ their diabetes.

And we do understand, honey. Scout's honor. Smile

Warm welcoming wishes,



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