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04/17/2012 07:47 AM

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Finding your happy place

This is an experience of a teacher who teacher emotionally-disturbed students with multiple disorders and diagnosis including schizophrenia.

A girl in another room was agitated and thought it was a great idea to bang a bookshelf on the wall repeatedly ignoring everyone that told her to stop. She was making so much noise non-stop enough to distract the classes next door.

A teacher from one of the classrooms next door was having problems keeping her students calm. Her students suffer from autism, Aspergers, and etc. These students, when given a rule, won't break them because Aspie's love rules. That's how they understand the world. They also can't stand noises and changes in routine. Everyday has to be a timed schedule otherwise it throws them off and they throw fits because a simple rule was not followed or it's time for P.E. and they have to do math.

Anyway. The noise was getting progressively louder and longer. Her students were getting agitated and frustrated. They lost their concentration. So, teacher said, " we will just relax and find our happy place by listening to classical music and doing yoga poses. We will just ignore the child next door."

Here's how the conversation went between three boys.

First boy: I can't stand the noise anymore. But okay, I will just sit here, meditate and find my happy place. I will try to be calm.

Second boy: I don't know where my happy place is.

Third boy: I used to have a happy place. But I can't find it anymore. I think my grandma forgot to pack it when we moved away from our old house.


04/17/2012 06:07 PM
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THat was good AsianGoddess..

My funny story is I was at Walmart's the other day and of course every knows I am in a wheelchair and roll not walk. A little girl kept looking at me and smiling. I waved at her and her mom said don't stare at the handicapped lady. Her daughter said mommy what handicapped lady I was smiling at the short lady next to me!! LOL!!

I laughed so hard I thought her answer was brilliant since I do not consider myself handicapped. She was too cute!


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