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11/10/2010 01:50 AM

hello guys

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i just found out that am infected couple of months ago, and am finding it hard to cope since am still a university student in my second year.

how do you guys survive all this pressure in your lives.

i had thought of killing myself sometime ago, but i cuoldnt do it coz i have a baby boy who means a lot to please.


11/10/2010 03:23 AM
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Hi Bobe, I'm sorry for your recent diagosis of being postive I assume for HIV. It's not so much a death sentence anymore like it was many years ago. I know of people who have lived with the postive status for a long time and are managing very well with doctors help and med management. I know of a woman who's been positive for like 20 years and had two children who were not postive and children are a good inspiration for living. Welcome to the group. May you find much support and understanding here. Rachele

11/10/2010 06:19 AM
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Hi Bobe,

I am sorry to hear of your dx. Rachel is right. There are many med wonders now as opposed to years ago.

How do you keep going? You find good medical treatment, if you believe in a higher power then you pray, you look into your baby's face and say to yourself, "He needs me and I need him." You find the will to live not only a life but a good quality of life.

Never lose hope. As long as you have a breath in your body you can have hope. Live the moments. Each one. If it is a great one you are absorbing every drop, if it is a bad wait. It will pass. Life has a way of moving on...with or without us.

You will find your way dear.

Many gentle hugs

11/10/2010 12:54 PM
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Hi Bobe and welcome to the depression group. I too am so sorry for your situation, but I can't add much to what has already been said. We are a warm, caring, non-judgmental group, so feel free to post whatever and whenever. We accept questions (can't guarantee that we'll always know the answers, but we do our best), rants, raves, good and bad news, tears, laughter, basically whatever our members want to talk about. I hope you find the support you need here.

Warm welcoming wishes, Sylvia

11/10/2010 02:56 PM
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Hello bobe and welcome to our Depression group. My name is Viv and it is nice to meet you. I am so sorry to hear that you are positive but please do not give up only count of it. In this day and time it is not a death sentence and you have that little boy who is depending on mom.

Take care of yourself and do what the doctors say. Keep yourself as healthy as possible and this will help with some of the stress. All of us faces stress in one form or another and we learn how to move on with it and so will you my dear.

Like bits said you look into that little boy's face and you thank God for him each day and be the best mommy you can be. And with him you know you have unconditional love.That will make every day worth while. That doesn't mean nothing will ever go wrong but it will be so much easier to handle.

It is good to have you with us here in our group and we will all be here to support you. THat helps tremendously to have support and this group is great for that. Many blessings to you!


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