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07/05/2010 05:20 PM

depressed and now not???


I just spent 4 days in a deep sobbing/greiving mess, and then today I am feeling better?

How can that be possible?

Nothing that I know of triggered the depression and nothing snapped me out of it?

How can this happen?


07/05/2010 05:23 PM

Also, these past 4 days I was sure I was going to go inpatient tomorrow when I called my Tdoc, prob should have gone to Er but was waiting it out for my therapist , but now that i feell better would they even let me go inpatient?

I still don`t understand what happened?

Supposedly I am Bipolar 2 , and I know hypomania can come and last for awhile but a depressed state where I didn`t get out of bed, bathe, eat , just sobbed almost straight for 4 days. Thne it goes away????????

07/05/2010 06:20 PM
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Hi jkm and welcome to the depression support group. Re you question, depression is a weird illness w/ a mind of it's own. I've not heard of a four day severe depressive episode, but the only thing I know about bipolar 2 is that I was misdiagnosed w/ it. Actually, I do know that it's supposedly more of a depressive disorder w/ some hypomania, but I'm not totally sure. I'm sure someone will be along tonight or tomorrow who knows more than I do about bipolar 2.

Meanwhile, welcome to the group. Feel free to post whatever and whenever. And please let us know how you're doing. We care.

Warm welcoming wishes, Sylvia

07/05/2010 06:35 PM
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Hi Jkm, Welcome. It does sound like could be bipolar if you have moods like this in the past. I don't know if they would still admit you. It's posssible it your doc thinks so.

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07/05/2010 08:07 PM

Hi JKM, Im sorry your having a very hard time. Maybe after you ask the your DR he or she will tell you if its bi-polar 2. Im just familiar with the term bi-polar. But now Im interested to know that theres different types.

I love to research, so I probably will. I think my son is bi-polar and not just severe depressive disorder, but I may find out.

Either way, I found myself at 3 days at a time doing thesame thing sometimes. Noy often though and I would change clothes.

But not much else when I was that down. Welcometo depression support group, I hope you find answeres and let us know, Im quite interesed myself, but not at the expence of you being sad. Post back , I hope you get well soon

Always Caring



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