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09/12/2008 09:50 AM

daughter severly depressed and has CRPS

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I have a 25 yr old daughter who is severly depressed and has RSD/CRPS - Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. She was living in NYC and had a great job. She was at the gym and broke a bone in her leg. The doctor put a cast on and it was so sore and swelling and the dr. put her off as a whiner. Well, he finally took it off after many times calling him. Well, since it was so severly swollen it damagaed her peranial nerve, which started the CRPS. That was almost 2 yrs ago. She had to quit her job and go on long term disabiliy (she was just accepted for Social Security) and move in with us (parents) in Florida. She is in so much pain, feels like knifes stabbing her legs (spread to both legs) and it is 24/7. She is on alot of meds which hasn't helped her too much and now she is severly depressed and has been in a behavrial hospital - for the second time- which she has contiplated suicide. She has tried to commit suicide when she was 18, before this all happened. So, I am very nervous since she has so many narcotics and has NO hope for the future. This is a disease which there is no cure for. She has tried many blocks and even the ketamine drip. She is going to try a spinal stimulator cord which hopefully it will take some of the pain away. Sorry this is so long but I just needed to reach out to anybody to see if there is anyway for her to cope with a non cureable disease and her depression. Thank you for your time! JanSad Sad


09/12/2008 11:56 AM
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yes there is hon she will need to learn to do what is needed to relive the pain. the stimulator will help my brother in law has one in him and it helps him a lot. I am sorry she has gone through this and you too. the depression is she on meds for it as well.

Always hope for the future hon they are making so many break throughs with meds now I am praying for you and her.


01/30/2009 10:29 AM
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Just wanted to let you and your daughter know there is hope. I recovered from RSD. I have no pain now. I had it in both legs. I can now walk for several miles. The majority of people do recover.



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