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05/17/2010 01:29 PM

Another "tool" for your "toolbox"

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I was looking around YouTube doing a search for Chonda Pierce when I noticed that she had gone throught a bought with depression. I was surprised, after all she is a comedian for a living. I saw some videos on Youtube about it and also found that she had written a book about it. Here are the videos: feature=watch_response

The book is called: Laughing in the dark : a comedian's journey through depression.

I found the book at my local library and I am looking forward to reading it. I hope that these "tools" can help someone out there right now. The video is just so real and honest, it made me cry. Thank you to everyone out there who has helped me time and time again. This is just a way that I can give back. Smile ((hugs))


05/17/2010 05:38 PM
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Hey Simpleman, thanks for sharing that information. It's very common for comedians to suffer from depression. Sometimes the jokes are used to 'cover' the depressed feelings. Carrie Fisher wrote some fiction and one non-fiction book about her experiences w/ bipolar disorder. Even the non-fiction is funny. Don't remember the titles, but I'm pretty sure they would also be available in your library. They were in mine.

Best, Sylvia

05/23/2010 09:51 PM

Thanks so much for posting this. She is so funny and I can relate to the way she was feeling. It is good to know that to have those feelings that I am not an alien from outer space, but when I am having those dark feelings that is exactly the way it feels, like no one else in the world REALLY feels this way, even though you know that they do, it "feels" like you are the only one. I feel for her, as I feel for everyone that has depression but listening to her helped me to look at it a little less dark and see depression as a bit more common than I normally tend to think that it feels. Thanks!

05/24/2010 09:35 AM
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Thank you for sharing these links..I visited them and enjoyed them.: )

Good job!!! Smile Smile



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