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07/22/2011 08:18 PM

The child in you/fun/laughter is the best medicine

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I read spartucus1976 diary and he inspired me to write about the benefits of having fun, being a kid, letting the child in you come out to laugh and play.

Having a youthful spirit is good for the soul and medicine for relieving chronic pain and depression. It can be especially good if you can combine it with a little execise that doesn't feel like it because you are having so much fun. The weather has been so hot,why not run through a sprinkler-or in my case hobble through lol. I remember as a kid there was nothing better than running through the sprinkler to cool off on a hot day-unless of course I lucked out and got a trip to the beach.

It is a simple pleasure that as a kid was a normal occurence in the summer,but now as an adult I have come to believe that it is not a grown up thing to do. That is the message we get as we mature into adults that play time is over and it's all about work and responsibility. Watching Disney/Pixar animated movies doesn't have to stop when you have grown up or your kids have grown up. There are benefits to watching, the humour in the movies,the laughter and joy you receive from the simplicity and the sense of freedom the message of hope and encouragent that is delivered is uplifting. It distracts us from both pain and depression, even if it is very temporary.

The cartoons of my youth are still great today. spritewings mentioned Bugs Bunny, he is hilarious,smart,& always has a good plan to stay ahead of any foe. The Roadrunner(I was nicknamed that by a friend in elementary school) he always outwits the coyote.It still makes me laugh to see the coyote get the boulder on the head. I forget about pain when I am watching something with good humour, how can you not get a little distracted?

I encourage you to let the child in you come out to play.Whether it is painting a picture with your feet(paint on your feet),watching an old classic cartoon, or running(or any variation of walking/standing/hobbling) through a sprinkler in your backyard. Joining the kids in the splashpads to feel refreshed on a hot summer day is another way to feel young and forget about pain for awhile.

Laughter releases endorphins that relieve stress and make you feel good.

Two interesting articles/studies on laughter: 080124200913.htm

Hmmm...I think I'll catch an episode of Bugs and Daffy- see how they are doing with their long standing power struggle.


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