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04/24/2012 10:26 PM

New & Thankful A Special Person Showed Me The Way

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Hi, I am new here and first I must say thanks to a very special person that showed me the way. He knows who he is. He helped me realize that what I am experiencing is what it is. Even though he was dealing with extreme pain, he put that aside to help and support me. He talked me through a rough experience that made me feel scared and upset. He guided me in a way that allowed me to see that what I am experiencing is Depersonalization Disorder.

I have been under an overwhelming amount of stress lately, finding out about more health issues to add to the many I currently have. Especially after spending 5 days in the hospital. Accepting reality, and Knowing that I must quit my job that I love and leave the many parents, children, and families that I have helped and worked with. Knowing that I will not be there for them made me feel guilty. But thats not all, theres my relationship problems and my husband being unfaithful and demeaning. My financial issues, no income when I leave my job. My worries about my grand daughter leaving to go live with her mother after me raising her for 13 years. My son moving very far away to another state, where I will not be able to see him very much. The list just keeps on growing. And just seems like it never ends. But the reality is,it is all part of my life and that I must accept it and deal with it as it is. Easier said then done.

Anyway, I have had many of these episodes where I felt like I was watching myself outside of my body. But wrote it off as thinking it was just me being tired and needing sleep or maybe the medications I was taking. But this last one was different, very different and extreme and scared me. Mostly because it happened on my job. I was confused yet knew that I was talking to one of my parents. I could see myself talking yet could not remember or make sense of what was said. I felt as if I was coming out of a unconscious state. And then there I was wondering where I was and what was happening. Suddenly I was talking about my life and the problems I was facing. My parent asked what I was talking about and I responded by saying oh, nothing, just got confused there for a moment. But more then anything it was embarrassing to me. Mostly because I had no idea what had just happened. It only lasted for about a minute, but still was very alarming to me.

Now after getting advice from my special friend, he shed some light on it. I guess now I need to continue to research this and find ways to get a better hold on this. Getting the book he suggested is my first step. More important, my question is, do I tell my doctor about it? Or will he think I am crazy? I just do not understand how this works. With that said, I will do what ever I can to understand this and face reality. So anyone out there that would like to help me along the way, I would appreciate it. Thanks for your support my special friend, what would I do with out you. All for now. Until we meet again. Meanwhile, any advice would be welcomed. Thanks. Mary


04/25/2012 10:49 AM
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Welcome to the Group rosepedal!

So glad you found this group. Smile

Depersonalization can be scary and confusing at times. It's almost like body protects us from pain, harm and stress, by removing us into a dreamstate/unreal. But it is harmless and how long these episodes last varies from person to person and what is going on in our lives.

When having a dp episode, try to do things that make you think, need your attention and focus on. Touching things keeps you here and grounded.

Yes, please share with your Doctor, that is what they are there for, to help and treat us. If they don't know, how can they come up with a effective treatment plan for you?

Journaling helps,

not what is going on in your life during a dp episode?

what were you think or worrying about?

you'd be suprise how much you learn and pick up when you do this.

I read alot on my disorders and research and asks many questions. There are many tools and methods to do and try, but we have to not only read the information, we have to apply them to our lives.

Hope you find the answers that are just right for you and see more of you here.

04/25/2012 11:57 AM
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Welcome rose pedal

You need to lit all of your stressor issues and try to address them using a CBT method (cognitive behavioral therapy)..

Hugs, Raoul


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