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08/22/2009 06:05 PM

Lost & lonely- bad family dynamics

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Well everyone, hello. I'm looking for help. I am 51, divorced, work a lot and have three kids. The youngest is 24, married and expecting a baby. We don't have a relationship becaue he is mad I threw him out for smoking pot in my house and not working but playing poker online for money. my computer, my housde- him breaking all the rules. haven't spoken in two years, his baby is due next month. My next in line is a 27 year old alcoholic daughter who is horrid to me. I've been really good to her and now that her brother is talking to her (past couple of months), se has been terrrible to me. I have helped her and supported her in so many ways and now she is using my granddaughter as a pawn, calling me up in drinken rages. I am so greif stricken here, have totally bonded with this 3 yr. old girl and her mother is not letting me see her. My oldest is fine and we get along okay, spend time together, etc. All three have been through drug treatment more than once. All three are active in their addictions right now. After the last drunken raging phone call, I've decided to not have contact with my daughter unless it is business. I just can't take it anymore and changed my locks after that last phone call. I am so sad and worked more than 55 hours this week, tired, emotional and just bereft....

08/23/2009 12:47 AM
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Welcome Gail and know that you are no longer alone...There are many people here to support you and offer some sort of advice.

I have an older brother that chooses(yes chooses) to do drugs rather than be a part of our lives. Your children have choices and you can only do so much. I commend you for sticking around as long as you have. You need to do what is best for you and don't feel selfish for that!

I am here for you and if you ever want to PM me please don't hesitate. My heart is with you...



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