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04/29/2009 06:16 PM

So today decided something.

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I have a very co-dependent relationship with my family. My mom and dad treat me like a child. I am 24 years old and my mom still asks about my finances. I have set boundaries with her and told her I don't want to discuss my financial business with her and that it is my business. She replies to that well by always offering advice. I borrowed money from them because I had no job and needed to pay the credit card debt. I made a deal that I would only take the money if they let me pay them back. They didn't want me to pay them back and grudgingly accepted it. I think I found a potential job, I am waiting to hear from them when they want me to start. I know the economy sucks and the job market is bad and I don't hate my parents I love them I just want the relationship to change. If I get the job then I can move out of my parents house, first though I will pay them back every penny I owe them.

My parents will never treat me like an adult no matter how much I love them or they love me. I have to start taking responsiblity for my own life. Sorry long post but i needed to get that of my chest.


04/30/2009 05:14 AM
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*hugs* give it some time. My mom was the same way till I was 35! Being a parent is hard to let go of when your kids grow up. My daughter is 22 and more than capable of taking care of herself but its still hard for me not to mother her. I know how frustrating it must be for you. Hang in there

05/02/2009 10:23 PM
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Good for you anoronha!

What a wonderful decision you made for yourself!!!

I hear ya about parents and finances, etc...

My husband's parents still give us "advice" about our finances, etc...and we've been married 17 years and together 23 years.

I guess it never ends for some of

Stick to your guns and live your life as you see fit, but be thankful that they were there for you in the meantime! Smile



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