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River"MDJ means never being alone, I have made so many wonderful friends. The support is just awsome. Thanks so much for being there.River" (River)

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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Dealing with RSD & IBS, together.
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  Sticky - selected as an important discussion Welcome to the Dealing with RSD & IBS Support Group 0132roy
01/24/2010 03:13 AM
by roy
  Sticky - selected as an important discussion Making the most of the Dealing with RSD & IBS Support Group experience 0118roy
01/24/2010 03:13 AM
by roy
  Sticky - selected as an important discussion How to Join the Dealing with RSD & IBS Support Group 093Alon
01/24/2010 03:13 AM
by Alon
04/28/2013 01:12 PM
by Quando62
    Frozen shoulder with rotator cuff tear 095PennyEmmett
02/24/2013 03:47 PM
by PennyEmmett
    IBS? Really? 0106kheb88
02/14/2013 08:25 AM
by kheb88
    7 weeks of misery so far 0113NOTSONUTSO
01/20/2013 10:55 AM
    Hello 1227capecod84
01/08/2013 01:51 AM
by jpcrps
    Dealing with RSD & IBS Videos on MDJunction 2151roy
01/06/2013 03:44 AM
by jpcrps
    Chronic Functional Abdominal Pain 1276Quando62
01/02/2013 09:49 AM
by jpcrps
    Can barely eat - At wit's end 0219Iloveshoes
04/22/2012 01:38 PM
by Iloveshoes
    How to support a friend with RSD & IBS 1359SunsetQuartz
01/23/2011 07:43 AM
by SunsetQuartz
    lower right quadrant pain 0288crysd
01/06/2011 07:43 PM
by crysd
    How many of us have had candida infections? 21536WaterRabbit
07/03/2010 04:44 AM
by WaterRabbit
    Electric shocks 11400ladyjane
06/15/2010 01:35 AM
by WaterRabbit
    MRI 5158ladyjane
06/03/2010 08:00 AM
by ladyjane
    IBS Risk Factors 2384wildsky
05/30/2010 06:07 PM
by revvanbus
    What is RSD 4520wildsky
05/25/2010 08:06 AM
by ladyjane
    Day to Day 17204revvanbus
05/22/2010 07:55 PM
by wildsky
    P/M Doc 6116ladyjane
02/09/2010 03:05 PM
by revvanbus
    RSD Cycles 1290ladyjane
01/29/2010 02:26 PM
by wildsky
    What is IBS 090wildsky
01/26/2010 09:18 PM
by wildsky
    RSD & CRPS Frustration 094wildsky
01/26/2010 09:15 PM
by wildsky
    Working with RSD and IBS 076wildsky
01/26/2010 02:22 PM
by wildsky
    IBS Causes 077wildsky
01/26/2010 12:54 PM
by wildsky
    IBS Symptoms 0147wildsky
01/26/2010 12:52 PM
by wildsky
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Sticky - selected as an important discussion - Sticky - selected as an important discussion

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