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01/30/2008 12:17 PM

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Hi everyone! I'm new to Crohn's. I have just been diagnosed and I'm a little scared. I had a colonoscopy and the doctor couldn't even get into the terminal ileum because of the inflammation. He put me on Asacol and Entocort. Has anyone had any luck with these? Will I have to stay on these? Anyone have advice for the newly diagnosed? I'm 30 years old (today is my birthday, actually). I'm a mom to 2 wonderful kids. I'd appreciate any advice.

01/31/2008 05:21 AM
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Welcome, I hate to say that you have some rough times ahead, but things will get easier. Have not been on neither medication to help you with that. My advice to you is enjoy those kids and do not let it beat you. Make the most of your good days. Stay on your doctors, and express to them exactly how bad you feel. They have not been there so you have to relate how rough it is. good luck and have a wonderful day.

01/31/2008 11:54 AM
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Happy B'day yesterday and welcome to the board. When I was first diagnosed with Crohn's I was put on Asacol and Entocort. If I remember right the Entocort was supposed to help with inflammation part of it, so hopefully you will start to get some relief. Neither medication worked for me. I hope they work for you. Pretty much you can plan on taking meds of some sort for an indefinite amount of time. With any luck your meds will start to kick in and make you feel better. If not, at least know you can come here and gripe if you need to.

01/31/2008 11:59 AM
michellefPosts: 3
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i have been on both of those medications. The Asacol gave me sever migraines so it didn't last very long, but the endocort does wonders for me... i am currently on it, but the doc is trying to ween me from it. apparently it stops working if you are on it too long.

like jay said, you do have a long road ahead of you... just know that many people are going through what you are and will be going through and you should ask for help. that is the best advise i can give you. you will have good days and bad days, but the most important thing is to stay positive and always tell your doctors everything...

01/31/2008 05:02 PM
DancinGrlPosts: 48

Asacol worked for me for a few years. I just started Entocort, so I can't say for sure. Basically everyone is different and depending on how severe the Crohn's is and what your symptoms are you and what your body chemistry is you will respond differently to different drugs. We are all here for each other, good or bad. Ask your doctor questions and make sure you talk to him about how you are doing, then if you aren't responding to the Asacol and Entocort he can put you on something that will work. Happy belated.

01/31/2008 05:33 PM
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Welcome to the group, I've take the Asacol and the Entocort a while ago, but I didnt have any luck with them, not saying that you won't like a previous poster said, people react to different medications in different ways. The Entocort actually made me sicker when I was taking it. Sick

Happy Belated has well. I am 34, but I don't have any kids because I haven't been a relationship long enough to start a family Sad because of my illness. But, if I stay positive, it will happen for me one day Smile So, just make yourself at home here with us. As you probably seen from our posts, we just like to vent, laugh and whatever we need to do to help deal with this illness.


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