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06/09/2009 08:00 AM

Humira, Remicade or imuran?

frankduckPosts: 142

Met with the Dr. today and we decided that it's time for medication. We're looking at Remicade, Humira or Imuran. I'm skeptical of the Imuran b/c it's partner 6MP caused breathing problems and rashes, but I have tolerated Imuran okay in the past. Remicade requires the nice long 3-4 hr doctor visits and I'll be in it for the long haul, seeing that if I stop I can form an allergic reaction to it. That leaves Humira. I'm fine with the idea of giving myself injections, but am just now jumping into researching side effects.

Any advice, stories (good or bad), etc. will be much appreciated.


06/09/2009 10:02 AM
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Just wanted to tell you I've been using a drug since 01/09, (Certolizumab) Cimzia. Past meds have not controled my flares and I was in a severe flare since 02/08. My GI says this is a fairy new treatment. Once I started a home care nurse came every 2 weeks for a total of 3 weeks and I was injected in my right and left lower abdominal area. Or you can take them in your upper thigh. Now I do one shot every 28 days. The FDA has not approved for self injections at this time. You can also have them done at your Doctors office. Since I have begun my flare has come under control. I was also on entocort, flagyl and lialda. The side effects I have experienced are headaches, joint pain, nausea, cold like symptoms. This is basically my last hope of finding meds that can control my flares. I think it may be working but don't want to say a definite yes because its really been to soon. Will continue on this for the rest of the year. Just wanted to let you know some other options out there..Keep us posted on what is going on. Smile

06/09/2009 03:30 PM
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Hello, I was on Remicade treatments from Dec. '07' to July '08' then I went into Remission but my Crohn's started back so I took another treatment today. The side effects I had was I got sick very easily I had no immune syptoms also it affected my muscles I had to be very careful because I messed my back up easily but the doctor said I should have been lifting weights to strengenth my muscles and also when I have my treatments I am very tired the day I have it and the day after but other than that it really helped me out.

Hope this helps with your question and hopefully you find something to help you!Smile

06/09/2009 07:07 PM
frankduckPosts: 142

Thank you

06/10/2009 02:42 PM
alohamomof4Posts: 19
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I have been sick with Severe Crohn's for 3 yrs. I started with imurane.. 4 months later I was still very ill.. then I went onto Remicade. which worked after about 2 weeks from first treatment. I had flu like symtoms the day of the treatment, but other then that it worked great. I stopped treatment due to having to go take care of my mother in rural montana and missed 2 infusions. They started it up again and I went into antiflatic shock 1 hour into treatmemt stopped breathing.. etc.. needless to say I can't take it anymore. So if you choose remicade do not miss a treatment. One thing I felt when on it was like a sick person.. laying in a hospital bed with IV's going kind of throws the fact that your sick in your face a bit. I have been taking Humeria ever since ( had to stop for 2 months due to insurance issues.. hope to start soon) but it works amazing... warning though its not your normal shot... its an easy pen shot that BURNS.. its by far the worst injections you will ever have.. my husband does mine because I am afraid I will pull away before the 10 sec and waste a $1400 shot.

Hope that helps Smile

06/30/2009 05:00 PM
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I have had Crohns for 20 years now and of all the treatments I have recieved, Remicaid has been the blessing in my life. For over 5 years now my Crohns has been in remission,however, I do have to recieve benadryl at the time of my infusions(every 8 weeks) due to moderate to severe muscle cramping within several hours of the infusion. When starting Remicaid,the infusions are typically 3-4 hours, but over time the nurses can increase the flow rate. It only takes me 2 hours now for my infusion. Right now this works wonderfully but you do have to have insurance as one infusion costs approximatly 8,500.00

07/05/2009 02:49 PM

I had two Remicade infusions. The first one was okay. I had an allergic reaction to the second one. We decided to try Humira. I now inject myself once a week. It has drastically reduced the amount of flares that I have. I STILL have flares, but not as frequently. And don't be queasy about giving yourself a shot. You get used to it! No muss, no fuss. No hospital visits for infusions! No major side effects as of yet from the Humira either.

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