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05/22/2009 07:12 PM

Just Wondering How Everyone Else Deals With This?

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Hello I was wondering if any one has had a five week flare-up that has been so painful that they can't ever get off the couch? I have had flare-ups that lasted three-four days before but if I wasn't in the hospital I would take pain pills and go to work. Now the pain pills only last two hours and am tired all the time I haven't worked since April 19th because my job requires me to be on my feet 10-12 hours a day. Sometimes I feel and think people think I am just a quitter for letting this pain get to me. I have never had a flare this long or this painful I get so depressed just sitting here all day. I know that other people that don't have chrons can't understand what we can go through. But if you have had this problem, what is the best way to cope with it do you just eventually get use to the pain or what. Any advice would be greatly aprriciated!

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