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02/22/2011 07:28 PM

78 Reasons To Avoid Sugar

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I was looking around for list of vitamins occuring in different foods and found this and thought it was interesting. I already try to avoid refined sugars, but here are 78 more reasons...

78 Reasons to Avoid Sugar

Straight from the writings of Dr. Victor Frank, founder/creator of Total Body Modification, here are 78 reasons to avoid sugar.

1. Sugar can suppress the immune system.

2. Sugar can upset the body's mineral balance.

3. Sugar can cause hyperactivity, anxiety, concentration difficulties, and crankiness in children.

4. Sugar can drowsiness and decreased activity in children.

5. Sugar can adversely affect children's school grades.

6. Sugar can produce a significant rise in triglycerides.

7. Sugar contributes to a weakened defense against bacterial infection.

8. Sugar can cause kidney damage.

9. Sugar can reduce helpful high density cholesterol.

10. Sugar can promote an elevation of harmful cholesterol.

11. Sugar may lead to chromium deficiency.

12. Sugar may cause copper deficiency.

13. Sugar interferes with absorption of calcium and magnesium.

14. Sugar may lead to cancer of the breast, ovaries, prostate, and rectum.

15. Sugar can cause colon cancer with an increased risk in women.

16. Sugar can be a risk factor in gall bladder cancer.

17. Sugar can increase fasting levels of blood glucose.

18. Sugar can weaken eyesight.

19. Sugar raises the level of a neurotransmitter called serotonin, which can narrow blood vessels.

20. Sugar can cause hypoglycemia.

21. Sugar can produce acidic stomach.

22. Sugar can raise adrenaline levels in children.

23. Sugar can increase the risk of coronary heart disease.

24. Sugar can speed the aging process, causing wrinkles and gray hair.

25. Sugar can lead to alcoholism.

26. Sugar can produce tooth decay.

27. Sugar can contribute to weight gain and obesity.

28. High intake of sugar increases the risk of Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

29. Sugar can case a raw, inflamed intestinal tract in person with gastric or duodenal ulcers.

30. Sugar can cause arthritis.

31. Sugar can cause asthma.

32. Sugar can cause candidiasis (yeast infection).

33. Sugar can lead to the formation of gallstones.

34. Sugar can lead to the formation of kidney stones.

35. Sugar can cause ischemic heart disease.

36. Sugar can cause appendicitis.

37. Sugar can exacerbate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

38. Sugar can indirectly cause hemorrhoids.

39. Sugar can cause varicose veins.

40. Sugar can elevate glucose and insulin responses in oral contraception users.

41. Sugar can lead to periodontal disease.

42. Sugar can contribute to osteoporosis.

43. Sugar contributes to saliva acidity.

44. Sugar can cause a decrease in insulin sensitivity.

45. Sugar leads to a decreased glucose tolerance.

46. Sugar can decrease growth hormone.

47. Sugar can increase total cholesterol.

48. Sugar can increase systolic blood pressure.

49. Sugar can change the structure of protein causing interference with protein absorption.

50. Sugar causes food allergies.

51. Sugar can contribute to diabetes.

52. Sugar can cause toxemia during pregnancy.

53. Sugar can contribute to eczema in children.

54. Sugar can cause cardiovascular disease.

55. Sugar can impair the structure of DNA.

56. Sugar can cause cataracts.

57. Sugar can cause emphysema.

58. Sugar can cause atherosclerosis.

59. Sugar can cause free radical formation in the bloodstream.

60. Sugar lowers the enzymes' abilities to function.

61. Sugar can cause the loss of tissue elasticity and function.

62. Sugar can cause liver cells to divide, increasing the size of the liver.

63. Sugar can increase the amount of fat in the liver.

64. Sugar can increase kidney size and produce pathological changes in the kidney.

65. Sugar can overstress the pancreas, causing damage.

66. Sugar can increase the body's fluid retention.

67. Sugar can cause constipation.

68. Sugar can cause myopia (nearsightedness).

69. Sugar can compromise the lining of the capillaries.

70. Sugar can cause hypertension.

71. Sugar can cause headaches, including migraines.

72. Sugar can cause an increase in delta, alpha, and theta brain waves, which can alter the mind's ability to think clearly.

73. Sugar can cause depression.

74. Sugar can increase insulin responses in those consuming high-sugar diets compared to low-sugar diets.

75. Sugar increases bacterial fermentation in the colon.

76. Sugar can cause hormonal imbalance.

77. Sugar can increase blood platelet adhesiveness, which increases risk of blood clots.

78. Sugar can increase the risk of Alzheimer's Disease.

Health is always moving on a continuum between sickness/disease and wellness. The only time health stands still is when the heart no longer beats. Which way are you moving?

Chaim Alexander,

Holistic Wellness Coach Health_Reasons_to_Avoid_Sugar.htm


02/23/2011 08:01 AM
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Tongue You are a Hero...

Thanks for putting that info out!

02/23/2011 01:51 PM
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I wouldn't go that far. Smile This was definately one of those articles that got my attention and I wanted to share it with all my friends here. Anytime I learn something new I like to make sure I pass info along if its something I think anyone else may benefit from. I know my husband has had so many issues with high blood pressure and high cholesterol so I read this to him immediately. (He has a bit of a sweet tooth.) Hopefully now he will avoid the cookie attacks and he will lower his numbers.

02/25/2011 05:50 AM
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I'm an Advocate

Wow Becca I think sugar should be banned after reading all that..lols

Seriously # 4 I think my granddaughter does the complete opposite with her sugar intake. Smile

02/26/2011 06:39 PM
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Libit, I think #4 is probably referencing the crash that not only kids suffer, but everyone does after the "sugar high" wears off. I know when I was eating or drinking things with simple sugars in it I would feel hyperactive for a brief time, then I would need a nap. Smile I've only had natural sugars from fruits and maple syrup in my oats this whole last week and I can honestly say I don't miss or crave things like I thought I might.

02/26/2011 07:00 PM
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You're definitely right Becca. I've been off sugars since my surgery last July. I hardly ever crave it now and my mood is so much better when I'm off sugar. I really scared myself with those two episodes of rage a few weeks ago after I had a vending machine lunch. I won't be doing that again.

I drink all natural fruit juices and sweaten my oatmeal with honey.

02/26/2011 07:34 PM
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I really wish I had your willpower. I am a sugar junkie for sure. what is your secret and do you use substitutes. When I say I am a sugar junkie I am like 100% serious...Nothing touches my lips that isn't sugar (crave it)...its a major craving for me..have you ever been to a dietician??? I am wondering if I should seriously consider it...

02/26/2011 08:05 PM
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I'm an Advocate

I defintely agree about the sugar crash..its a natural for me anymore. I keep kicking myself. I have cut out soft drinks but the sugar in the other items brings me to my fulfillment everyday. I cannot seem to get over the urge for that sugar ......I could use some help here for sure. Smile

02/28/2011 10:59 AM
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Libit, my best advice for you is just to make small changes over time. If you think about completely changing something all at once it is far too overwhelming. Maybe if you just cut back in small amounts at a time and adjust to it. I found alternatives to things that I enjoyed once before. If I feel like something sweet, now I opt for some apple slices with a little peanut butter instead of maybe a cookie or something. I still indulge in honey and a little maple syrup too. Now even the things I drink do not contain added sugar, I usually try to juice fruits myself. I hope that you can find a good balance where you can still enjoy your sweets without making you feel sick. Also, after reading several case studies on artificial sweeteners, I personally feel like its healthier to avoid them altogether. Have you ever tried using raw organic sugar instead of refined granulated sugar? You may benefit from seeing a dietition, I am going to go see one myself if my doctor will refer me.

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