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12/29/2010 06:14 PM


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Hello my name is Sherri and my 13 year old daughter Chelsea was diagnosed with Crohns disease yesterday. The Doctor wants to start her straight on remicade. She hasnt grown in the last three years. She is 13 years old, weigh 63 pounds and 56 inches tall. She is a little bitty thing. I was hoping someone has had some experience with remicade and see how it affected them or people they know. Reading the studies just makes my head hurt. Every one that you read has a different take. Any thoughts or help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

12/30/2010 12:05 PM
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My son was diagnosed in the spring (8 at the time) and we started out on Prednisone and a low dose of 6MP. As we tried to wean him off Prednisone, the flare-ups continued.....dr suggested Remicade but I wasn't comfortable with that course of action so we upped his dosage of 6MP and continued to wean the Presdnisone. He is officially in remission as of two months ago!

Everyone is different but sometimes you just gotta research your options, pray, and go with your gut! Wink


12/30/2010 12:27 PM
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I was afraid to go on a biological myself when i discussed the pros and the cons with my doctor (i was especially concerned about weaken my immune system) he explained that the steroids were worse in that respect as well as the many side effects of prednisone.

I am currently on Cimzia which is working slowly but i am in a far better place than i was last year this time.

I agree with Kimbaskicks PRAY on it, and do your own research, but the internet is full of horror stories because the people who are doing well arent writing about it. I have a girlfriend who has been on Remicade for sometime now and she loves it.

Best wishes.

12/31/2010 01:16 PM
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Remicaide can be a lifesaver. I was in the study about 15 years ago and it changed my life. I was diagnosed at 6 so I can relate to what your daughter is going through. I would start the remicaide right away. If it doesn't work, there are a lot more options available now than there were when I was a kid

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