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04/22/2013 09:46 AM

Does costochondritis do this?

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I've been having a pain in my right side of my chest - just to the right of my breast bone - and in my sternum and ribs. My Dr doesn't think it's heart or lung related and said it could be costo. I thought so too but all I've read said it hurts on the left side. Mine is always on the right side. I also get an ache - not really a pain but an ache - and sometimes a burning or cramping feeling in my upper abdomen - just below my sternum. It hurts to press on any of these areas. Another thing is after I eat or drink something, I hiccup once or twice and it hurts in my diapram.

What I was wondering is, does costo hurt in the upper abdomen or does this sound more digestive? My Dr gave me something for inflammation that has nexium in it.

Another thing is I've been going to a chiropractor and it seems like this pain has gotten worse.


04/24/2013 04:48 PM
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Costo hurts everywhere. It is hard to distinguish sometimes. Try pressing on the chest wall and rib cage. If that hurts it is most likely costo. This is the major diagnostic feature when determining whether or not you have costochondritis.

I am sorry I cannot be more specific on exactly where it hurts. Mine most commonly hurts the worst on the left side below the breast. When it is really bad it moves to the right side, down my back, and even into my upper abdomen. It is different for everyone and there is not alot of medical information about it our there. I think it can be found on the right and the left side. I dont think it is just restricted to one side or the other.

05/06/2013 01:19 PM
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Yeah, I agree with Marie56 totally.

And, one thing I've learned, is that the diaphragm is particularly vulnerable. The ribs and sternum and all that cartilage cradle the diaphragm. So when it all gets inflamed, the diaphragm is pushed up and crowds your heart and lungs.

Like Marie56 write, we are all affected differently by costo. And, you could be onto something regarding your digestive tract. You could have a dual diagnosis issue; so I would definitely suggest following your instinct and pursue a further, deeper study into your symptoms.

I'm so sorry you get hiccups. I know those hurt badly and cause flares in pain. I hope that subsides eventually.

I practice breathing a lot. It's a pain, but it helps to just sit with perfect posture and just breathe.

Much luck.



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