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11/03/2009 11:56 PM

Fenofibrate and statins - skeletal muscle damage


I just wanted to warn everyone about a possible bad interaction between FenoFibrate and statins.

My cardiologist put me on FenoFibrate in hopes of further improving my HDL/LDL cholesterol. It appears that he mostly succeeded in causing me a lot of severe muscle pain and possibly permanent muscle damage.

The pain has been bad enough on occasion to literally put me on the floor.

My personal joy during all of this was further enhanced by severe constipation, too.

I've added some additional detail in the Parkinson's Disease forum but thought I'd leave a comment here, too.

Here's a link to one of many webpages that warn about this possible side effect: interactions.htm

I stopped taking the FenoFibrate about a week ago and am slowly improving. I suggest that you really think hard before you agree to take this stuff.


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