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06/26/2011 02:53 PM

Parking Permit

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OMG!!!! I have got to get a Handicapp parking permit. So I went to Borders today, knowing that no one would be there on a nice sunny Sunday. SURPRISE, packed. Had to park way in the back of the lot.

So I get in there and I'm a huffin and a puffen and all the chairs are taken so I can't even sit down to catch my breath. I just can't believe there are as many geeks like me going to a bookstore on a nice weekend.

Then when I'm finally ready to go, the line is backed up into the aisles cuz they only have 2 cashiers working.

Oh, and to top things off, I got these super cute sandals when my son got married and haven't really worn them since. They are silver gladiators. Well now I remember why I haven't worn them, cuz they kill my fricken feet. There's a strap that goes right across my baby toes and it pinches. And here I thought I was looken so hot when I left, well except for the 02 tank LOL.

So I got my books and went and got my haircut and I think I'll be buying my books on line from now on. I really like the haircut though.

So I kinda limped in the house, put my concentrator on, kicked those sandals off, and all is well.




06/26/2011 03:28 PM
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omggggg are u kidding, i just got my parkin permit too lmao about a month b4 i was in the hosp. omg sue, go to mdv get the form, have ur dr fill it out, u have copd u will get it, its free and mail it to albany,it took about 3-4 wks the send it in the mail, donot wait, it took my dr 5 min to fill it out, u do the rest,W00t W00t

glad u got the haircut, it got u out,but the rest ohh i dont no. Sick Whistling Whistling well make the best of the rest of ur day Smile) deep breathing remeber!!!Tongue

06/26/2011 04:19 PM
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Unsure Oh For sure get that permit!!! I actually got mine 6 years ago due to my back but I am thrilled that I have it now with this copd!!!

I was gonna go get my hair cut todya but got lazy, Sue we are thinking an awful lot alike lately!!!lmao Remember Monday, Monday??? lmaoLaughing Laughing Laughing

I layed around all day, made up for yesterday!! The b-day party was great and I am tired today....

Okay lady, rest those little tootsies of yours!!! Have a great evening!!



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