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04/28/2011 09:39 AM

copd & back pain

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I also get the back pain ( afer walking or exersion )

same area,upper back,undet the shoulder blades.

It fels like its all the way down as well.

My Doc blames it only the life I have led,I was a merchant seaman................Oh well !!


04/28/2011 01:08 PM
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hey rob, welcome to the site, it can be very helpful, on ur page u should write alittle about u, ur copd how long u smoked so we will no how to help u alil more, well i sent u a lil message on ur page, i hope u feel better. have a good day.Cool

04/28/2011 05:16 PM
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Well welcome Rob!!! I also suffer with the back pain as well as coped although my back pain is in the lower back and I became disabled 7 years ago from it UGH!!!!Angry

I sure hope you get from this site everything you are looking for!!! We are a great bunch here!!! Hopefully we can help you out!!!

Take care


04/29/2011 04:22 AM
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Smile Welcome to our group Robski

We are alway's thankful for new members. Yes we are a good bunch and some are well experienced with the difficulties of this disease. Tell your story if u want,ask questions whatever u need we will try to help. Go back and read old post.We always need new insights on this disease. Hope u stay with us. Hugs

Smile Smile

04/30/2011 06:50 AM
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Hello and welcome.

A merchant seamen huh? Yes you probably do have back pain. I have gotten lower back pain if I stand in one spot to long like doing a lot of dishes or cooking.

How long have you had COPD?


04/30/2011 07:06 PM

I have low and high back pain...the Higher back pain came from an accident at work...the lower did too..because it was gone for 5 years...but back to stay now..bummer..

you would think i could get SSDI..but I have no money to live on to wait the time out..blah!!


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