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04/18/2012 08:39 PM

100% colorblind

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I'm new to this site but very happy I found a support group for colorblind people. My story is probably a little different from anyone here goes nothing.

I am 100% in I see only in black, white, and of course various shades of gray. However, I was not born this way....atleast not 100%. Doctors suspect that I had color deficit when I was born but I never noticed it until my brain disease took hold. Now all I can see is black and white. I was so upset when it happened. When it happened, everyone thought I was crazy because I dont fit "text book cases." Eye doctors tell me I'm crazy because there is nothing wrong with the rod and cones in my eyes. Well guess what? No s**t, the problem isn't within my's my brain and processing the colors (or so I am lead to believe). I hate that people try to tell me I;m lying for attention....why would I lie about this? It SUCKS! I also hate when people learn how I see an quiz me every single day..."oh well what color is this?" I DONT KNOW! I wish I could tell you wat color things are...but I cant. I am currently a nursing student and its proving to be a challange but I'm trying!

Well, thats my story...the short version anyway. This support group is much needed.

Thank you for reading. May I both recieve and offer encouragement as time passes.


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