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03/18/2012 07:36 PM

New to the group - Looking for needed support

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Hi there,

I've come across this forum with the hope of finding someone who might understand what I'm going through and could offer some comfort and advice.

I was diagnosed with Lupus just over a year ago, and the physical stuff I was learning to deal with. But recently I've gotten more and more consistently confused, troubled with brain fog, loosing my memory and unable to focus on anything - unable to have a succinct conversation a lot of the time. It's lead to me loosing out on the grade I wanted in my degree and now I'm at a loss regarding trying to find/choose a career as I feel unable to focus on anything a lot of the time. Recently referred to a psychologist who thinks it's cognitive dysfunction and now I'm really scared. I can handle the physical pain, but now I feel I'm loosing my mind and who I am along with it. I just feel so useless, and really want a purpose in life, but I'm just unable to do anything particularly useful coz I just can't think straight!

I think I needed to vent, but any comfort or advice you could give would be so greatfully received.


K x


03/28/2012 09:21 PM
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hello. i read ur email and it looks devastating. im sorry to hear your having so much trouble. although i am not a conginitive suffereing patient persay, i have what's called ocd. obbsessive compulsive disorder and i suffer from brain fog as well. i don't know if it relates, but after reading ur initial posting can so relate to what you are gong through. i have severe problems with cognitive thinking. i can't remember things and have trouble concentratin most of the tim. my mind jumps from thing to thing until i am left in a total clout and only sleep seems to clear it up.

initially i looked for an ocd support group but have found little. my current situation is dire and i need someone to talk about personal things. unfortunately, my peer support group doesn't share my concerns and often am looked at as retarded or stupid, being judged by my coworkers as inadquate. it makes meangry when i think of it, but if i can't confront people who disrespect me than i am inadequate. hopefull, with a new job i can get a new chance. I interviewed today for a job in food service, and have severe reservations about it. i don't know if i can do it since i will be cooking and having to read and remember recipes. i am going to pray to night for god to help me. i certainly hope he does, but if he doesn't than that's okay, i will have to carry on anwyas. What other choice do i have? Before i forget, i was seeing a specialist for ocd and have decided to go back. i had dropped off for personal reasons, but now feel im' ready to confront the beast once again. my prayers are wtih you and wish you the best of luck in ur endevor. hope everything works out and you rebound. Chappy.


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