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10/22/2008 07:08 PM

Just a few general questions

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I have noticed a few thing about my husband and his disease and am wondering if there is a way to "fix" these issues!? I am not even sure that all of them are related to cirrhosis!?

1. Mood swings...anger and depression and generally grouchy

2. Swollen stomach becomes hard then, gets soft again and he has alot of pain in his abdomen.

3. Large lump on the far left side under breast (spleen?)

4. Tired all the time. Never gets enough rest.

5. Chest pains. Is this from the swollen liver?


10/22/2008 08:54 PM
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First let me welcome you to the cirrhosis group. I hope you will find answers to your questions and support as you care for your husband.

Let me try to answer some of your questions but please talk to your husband's Dr. He is the best source of advise.

1. Behavior changes with cirrhosis are common and may signal Hepatic- Encephalopathy or infection. In the case of Encephalopathy ,The Ammonia level or other toxins increases to the point to cause behavior changes , Lactulose A laxative is given to try and cause usually 3 to 4 loose stools per day this helps to clear the body of toxins that build up when our livers don't function normally. This can be a medical Emergency that can result in coma. Call your Dr.

Knowing you have cirrhosis is depressing in itself, Having to stop drinking or trying to can cause many emontional and physical changes.

2. Ascities ( a build up of fluid in the abdomenal cavitiy) will cause a firm painful stomach that can swell to quiet a large size. This is also one of the hallmarks of cirrhosis. Fluid medications are given for this to start with and when this doesn't work they can draw the fluid off.

3.The spleen is located just under the left breast down to near the last rib kinda behind the stomach.An enlarged spleen could be felt as a lump.When mine first started to enlarge I felt in near my last rib. Gynecomastia,Enlarged breast in men is also common with cirrhosis.Any time there is a (lump) the Dr. needs to know.

4. Extreme fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of cirrhosis and usually is one of the first things people notice.Sleep disturbances also common in cirrhosis can of course increase the fatigue.

5. Chest pain can be cause by Gallbladder pain, pancreatic pain, Ascities in the abdomen, enlarged liver or spleen pressing against other organs.Only his Dr. can determine where the pain is coming from.

The liver effects every organ in our bodies you must watch out for his heart , lungs, kidneys,etc... and take nothing for granted. If he is having chest pain , shortness of breath or even if you are just not sure take him to the ER now. People with cirrhosis have heart attacks , Pneumonia and other issues that can be confusing. Its better to be sent home felling better than take a chance on it being something serious.

Finally keep copies of all his test results it will help .Is he a canditate for transplant. Is he seeing a hepatologist ( liver specialist)Has he stopped drinking.

I hope I have been of some help and again welcome to the board

Gail Smile

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07/02/2009 08:19 AM
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All excellent advice and I agree with this. It's a serious disease that we're dealing with, and nothing should be taken lightly.

03/10/2010 02:08 PM
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Hi I'm new , but I hope this helps you, I'm have exactly the same issues as you husband. try to understand this medical problem is very hard on anyone. it can be very hard to cope with everything, makes us grouchy, I was consuming to much sugar, I was using it as a crutch for comfort. I stopped and everything improved for me, my anger, the pain and cramping in my legs. but here is the problem my wife always asks me what i want to eat. I don't eat regular meals anymore I eat several small snacks. these snacks must have balance, so this is what works for me to keep the abnormal pain to a minimum , everything is made from scratch NO PACKAGED FOODS, Breakfast I have hot cereal, oatmeal,5 prunes and a yogurt.lunch beans/chicken, or a fruit salad, cottage cheese , dinner ground chicken or turkey taco's or fish taco's . and try to Smile and act as though you are a team , try to be as positive as possible.

10/18/2010 08:38 PM
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Abhome3, I'm trying to research some things for you and ran across this post in which mpmom offers some real good advice. I thought I'd "bump" it back to current discussion.


10/18/2010 09:28 PM
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Anything I wanted to say has been said. So, welcome and I hope wwe can help be a source of strength for you.

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