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  "For having Gastroparesis " (HollieRT)

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fluffyluggage"I found MDJunction at a time when I was struggling with so much. I
was so sick. I found a home, a place where people understood me, when
even my family doubted me. In MDJ, I found a place of refuge, love,
and support. I come here daily, to find my balance, to cope, and to
find that same support I've found from day 1. MDJ is my new family.
The friends I've made here will remain with me for a lifetime.
" (fluffyluggage)

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    Brother's heart attack 5mikealpha1
02/26/2013 01:37 PM
by DeniseMay
    dmanflan AWOL (again! :( ) 16dmanflan
02/02/2013 11:48 AM
by DollyDimples
    Before and After 5mikealpha1
02/01/2013 07:56 PM
by kathygo12
    Hey 1000!!!!! 1booky1961
01/24/2013 03:15 PM
by mpmom
    FYI: mpmom just caring for others 4mikealpha1
12/26/2012 01:12 PM
by teacherpam
    Straight from my heart.... 2hepatomegaly
12/16/2012 09:22 AM
by pugspapa
    Thanksgiving 2012 8hepatomegaly
11/23/2012 06:40 AM
by jrh1957
    Happy Thanksgiving 1MommaMac
11/21/2012 04:41 PM
by booky1961
    Music 6MsSteelerFan
10/28/2012 05:32 AM
by sadlystillsane
    dmanflan is down! Newsletter 2B late... 12dmanflan
10/24/2012 10:23 AM
by mpmom
    A Soldier's Prayer 4hepatomegaly
09/17/2012 09:10 PM
by hepatomegaly
    I found a blog... 3dmanflan
09/17/2012 12:15 PM
by booky1961
    Anyone interested? 3hepatomegaly
09/14/2012 12:15 PM
by dmanflan
    Drove today 3MommaMac
08/24/2012 04:00 PM
by MommaMac
    Yay Me! 7DEH70
08/14/2012 10:10 AM
by DEH70
    Biopsy is causing a Holiday! 7sadlystillsane
08/14/2012 08:45 AM
by iwiham1027
    Olympics and Furosemide 12mikealpha1
08/04/2012 06:25 AM
by mpmom
    Finally...some good news! 5MommaMac
08/02/2012 01:43 PM
by hepatomegaly
    Weather 15sadlystillsane
07/19/2012 02:28 PM
by karikaye
    Transplant friends 3mikealpha1
07/14/2012 08:00 PM
by 1polarbear
    Happy Thursday, Everyone! 6teacherpam
07/13/2012 12:47 PM
by hepatomegaly
  means this topic is locked; no new posts possible. TIMEOUT! 0mikealpha1
07/10/2012 04:16 PM
by mikealpha1
    Please Mr. Please 24sadlystillsane
07/10/2012 08:34 AM
by hepatomegaly
    Tropical Storm Debby! 4booky1961
06/24/2012 10:15 AM
by booky1961
    We hit 800!!! 5dmanflan
06/18/2012 12:15 AM
by hepatomegaly
    Country Music 19Guitar
06/12/2012 02:30 AM
by ruth8890
    Special Deliveries! 11hepatomegaly
06/03/2012 06:51 PM
by IronCelt
    NSFW 0DEH70
06/02/2012 04:09 AM
by DEH70
    Any Ideas? 16hepatomegaly
05/23/2012 09:23 PM
by hepatomegaly
    Weather in Oklahoma 4mikealpha1
04/16/2012 03:49 PM
by ruth8890
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