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08/05/2010 01:34 PM

HCV & alcohol induced cirrhosis

sharonlmPosts: 9

Cirrhosis, sucks! HCV and alcohol have done quite a number on my not so precious liver. I thought my liver was indestructible. Only to find out its not. Now I treasure the use of it every day.

08/05/2010 03:42 PM
Posts: 415

Welcome, Sharon! While I don't personally have cirrhosis, I agree with you wholeheartedly - it sucks big-time. lol My husband has end-stage cirrhosis; so we've both learned the hard way how destructible the liver can be. And how precious it is. More and more, I'm beginning to think it's just as important as the heart & brain (if not more so.)

Good for you, realizing its importance and appreciating it.

BTW, have you thought about trying false eyelashes? I've used them for special occasions - they're not hard to put on at all.


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08/05/2010 08:07 PM
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Welcome to our group Sharon. Ditto--what Lovinwife said!

Now girls, what did I miss? (eyelashes???)

Smile BJ

08/06/2010 01:49 PM
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Welcome to the group, By the time I knew I had a problem it was already too late and since I didn't drink I never considered my liver. The public just isn't made aware of how important the liver is.

If I can be of any help please let me know



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