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03/11/2010 10:01 AM

End Stage, strange symptoms for dad

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My dad is having a few more things going on now...he had vomitied 2 times in the past 2 days and each time it is for like an hour or he seems not to sleep much at all, day or night and then the strangest thing happened yesterday....we were coming home from B'ham from dr. visit and dad feel asleep....with head down facing lap and every 15 seconds or so his legs would contract and hold for about 1 second and then relax...this went on the whole time he sleep and it was VERY repeative..same motion every time...I'm guessing that was the encephalopathy acting up and doing a nuero #! It was freaking me out...has this ever happened to anyone before..ofcourse he has liver flaps ALOT even with the lactulose and neamycin!!! Does this type thing have any indication on where he is in disease now???

03/11/2010 04:47 PM
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Yes this could be from Encephalopathy. It could also be neuropathy which is also common fro Cirrhosis patients.

This can happen early in the disease , I have had it for over a year. It doesn't happen all the time , Almost in cycles . I may have it today and then not for another month. Or it may happen several time a day for a week.

Sometimes it will wake me up and sometimes I'll be awake when it happens . Not a lot helps, sometimes changing position helps.

Sometimes Drs will treat it the same as they do restless legs.If the cause is encephalopathy he may need medication changes . So I would call his Dr.

I hope this helps some.


11/15/2011 07:55 PM
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Hi, I am new to MD junction. I just sent the below as a private message to a member who posted some very helpful information on the role of too much iron and liver disease. His post was several days ago. Not sure, but I believe his name is "Moonwalker."

"You offer great advice. I have had two liver transplants, the first was more than six years ago and was needed as a result of undiagnosed iron overload. I have since dedicated much of my time working with Iron Disorders Institute ( and the Hemochromatosis Foundation (

Unfortunately most primary care physicians and even many specialists are not up to date on the latest scientific information. Iron reduction has been shown affective for most for patients with non-cholestatic liver diseases, including cirrhosis caused by hepatitus-C, fatty liver disease (NAFLD), leading to NASH (non-alcoholic seatohepatis), alcoholic liver disease (ALD), diabetes, and of course hemochromatosis (HHC).

We have recently been able to confirm that as many as 70% of all liver transplants are at least in part the result of iron overload. Blood donation or phlebotomy can significantly reduce the iron burden in the liver and reduce and in some cases even reverse the oxidative damage leading to end stage liver disease (ESLD)."

In one well-documented case a patient rejected for liver transplant because the physicians feared he was not a candidate for long-term survival because a significant amount of his iron burden resided in his heart. They had had previous patients die shorty post-transplant due to cardiac iron overload. This patient's liver and hearth health was subsequently restored through phlebotomy. When asked at a later date if he would like to again become a candidate for transplant, he refused.

11/16/2011 07:06 AM
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I know I have the leg contractions a lot, usually when I am very tired. Changing position does help me. And it seems to go in cycles too. I always thought it was just restless leg syndrome, could still be, I don't know. I do have HE and am on Xifaxan twice a day.

11/16/2011 08:44 AM
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Hated those leg contractions, but they didn't hurt so I didn't treat them separately. Also when riding in the car at the end of the day my foot would contract making me tap my leg involuntarily.

11/16/2011 08:08 PM
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I know when Lactulose for my dad was not working all that great, they increase the dosage. Leg contractions are normal in cirrhosis I see, my dad gets them too, DR. Suggested increasing Potassium so we bough him bananas

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