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06/08/2009 08:26 AM

I feel so bad and so tired all the time.

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I've read several posts regarding fatigue etc...

I was recently diagnosed with cirrhosis (decompensated). I'm sooooo fatigued all the time. I work full time as a payroll clerk 8a - 5p 5 days a week. I'm soooo sleepy and my body feels so heavy(from the fatigue) that it's almost impossible to get any exercise. I want to start swimming at the local "Y" in the indoor pool but I swear I can't get my motivation up to do it.

I often have abdominal pain, take 120mg lasix, 300mg aldactone, 20mg vistiril and paid medication. I don't use the paid meds at work if I can help it as I'm already sleepy enough. And I'm sure the others aren't contributing to this "feeling" so it's got to be the disease.

I would love to talk to someone who is going through the same thing I am. I have so many questions and can't really seem to find the answers I'm looking for.


06/08/2009 12:36 PM
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I know what you mean I work full time also and the fatigue is unbelievable.I have missed more work over the last 2 years because of the fatigue than I have from more serious problems.The liver controls so much its hard to believe people and Drs. don't pay it more attention.I heard from someone once that the liver is the source all our energy. When the liver is injured it can't replenish the energy we use so when its gone it's gone.

There is another thing that happens with cirrhosis that can contribute to the fatigue, That is day / night reversal. There are many nights when I can't sleep at all but can't stay awake during the day. almost like when a baby gets their days / nights mixed up. The difference is with cirrhosis is that no matter how much you force yourself to stay awake during the day it doesn't help you sleep at night.

Add to that the fact that anemia plays a big role in fatigue and it's like a double whammy.

Gail Sad

06/08/2009 08:09 PM
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My husband has the same trouble sleeping most of the day and then not sleeping at night. Even if he trys to stay awake all day he is exhausted and then still can not sleep at night and then he gets real crabby and not easy to live with things are never easy. Gail is right staying awake all day doesn't help anything.

How low is your blood count? My husbands blood platelette count is 51,000 very low he had to have an infusion to have some dental work done. He gets black and blue marks all the time and I guess the low blood count makes it worse. I guess the worse part of all of this is that it is so unpredictable. One day my husband feels fine then he feels sick the next day.

We live one day at a time like everyone else dealing with this illness.



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