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04/27/2012 06:52 PM

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Mike: Thank you so much. This whole process without a biopsy and a cause leaves me with so many questions. I think my doctors are very good but they are not specialists in the Liver deceases and I find myself losing confidence in them. For instance my PCP recently advised me to take Niacin and because it is hard on the stomach he also advised 325 mg. of aspirin. This is to bring down the bad cholesterol which has barely moved for a year and a half. Now with an INR only at 1.2 maybe it's worth it to see it go up a little to bring the cholesterol down, without a Hepatologist to check this out with I'm kind of on my own.

So I read some studies online and I decide to take the Niacin with food and forget the aspirin. It works but how do I know if my doctor didn't just prescribe the usual thing or if he took the Cirrhosis into account, doctors do sometimes make mistakes like this and it would help to have a Hepa doc. to keep an eye on things, and it would probably boost my confidence in the other two.

Plus it would really help to have a Hepatologist fine tune everything I'm doing to try to make this old Yougo Liver last as long as possible.

You are all in my prayers



04/28/2012 05:23 AM
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After some snafoos, my daughter runs all her scripts past the liver clinic. No need for an appointment. She just calls in the info and they call her back with the with a yes or a suggestion for something else.

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