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03/18/2012 02:38 PM

a little update

WeenellPosts: 40

Hi all

Just wanted to update you on my dad. not posted for a wee while but i've been coming on and reading when I can.

Dad isn't doing too bad. He has had an infection which has pulled him down. Has good days and bad days, a few more good of late. Its the fact you can't predict how he will be one day to the next which is hard for him and my mum. They can't plan for anything just in case.

Saying that, they are going to see my brother, my sister in law and nephews at Easter. They live in Dublin (my parents Glasgow) its a short flight to contend with, my mum has booked a wheel chair and assistance for my dad at the airport. the walk from check in to the gates would be too much for him. the boys haven't been told yet that they are going over just in case (they just adore my dad)but hopefuly he wont be that bad and they can go.

Hope you are all doing well

Helen x


03/18/2012 05:52 PM
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That sounds wonderful, I hope they have a great time.

03/19/2012 12:04 PM
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Such good news!! My family is from Sterling actually Smile


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