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03/17/2012 09:00 AM

Happy Endings to my First Post from 1-22-12

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Hi all - a Follow-up to my first post from 1-22-12 "Am I wrong to feel angry & insulted that my brother drinks in front me 24/7..."

I should have posted this "Happy Ending" 7 weeks ago because he QUIT Feb 6, 2012. and I attribute that to the advice and encouragement I received here to give him an ultimatum!

I joined this group 1-22-12 & it was my first on-line experience. Something led me here. I call him God. To my shock & amazement Welcome replies came from here within hours. I hope you all know how much they meant...seriously I didn't expect that...mpmom, Mike, Paul, Dennis, Roy, Marg, & everyone else! EVERYONE was SO supportive!

My anxiety level was over the top. I couldn't imagine taking one more day. I was desperate, miserable, and physically sick. I couldn't believe that anyone, especially my closest brother, could do the very same thing in front of me 24/7 that led to my Cirrhosis. AND he could SEE how sick I was...the bleeding..the pain..and the fear. He's 6 yrs oder than me--I'm the baby of the family of all brothers--and we grew up together catching turtles; he built & taught me to ride my first bike. He wouldn't let me go on his dates to the movies with his first girlfriend! Dizzy

I was of course also worried about his health since I went from a Fatty Liver to Cirrhosis in about 6 months. He came here to be my caregiver and the Ultimatum I gave him was simple: (1) QUIT (2) Move to a nearby hotel (3) just plain move. He was not of any help to me & was hurting me emotionally.

So, My Happy Ending to that crisis coninues! Both sober and grateful for each new day!! We are great roommates (it's hard living with anyone if you're over 40 & have been living alone). We laugh every hour daily! If you could spend just one day with us you'd think we were nuts but even my therapist can see how tight we are & how much we laugh & both understand WHY we're laughing. (He really should write for Two-and-a-Half Men or Ellen...!!)

From the depths of my heart, I thank everyone for every single reply and thought you have shared with me personally and with everyone. I truly care about each of you so much! Ru

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03/17/2012 09:49 AM
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I am so happy for you, Ru!Your posts have really helped me so much.Your kindness and comforting posts as well as your opinions & knowledge certainly helped decrease by stress level and anxiety, many a day. This is an amazing place with wonderful people.Thank you to you and to everyone here.

03/17/2012 11:33 AM
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Ru, that is one amazingly positive post for St. Patrick's Day. It's a day my ancient Celtic self rather dislikes because people think it gives them an 'excuse' to get smashed. And it reminds me of certain ancestors staring down from their portraits, probably tipsy, as usual, when they sat in the photographer's studio. And it reminds me of all the terrible, insulting jokes a certain in-law has made about my Irish ancestry. St. Patrick was really a Roman--I had a slice of veggie pizza for lunch!

03/17/2012 01:29 PM
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Grandmere: Thank you for your message!! It meant more to me than you can know. Smile

mo...I didn't know St. Patrick was Roman! I'm swiss/german and do Genealogy for our Family Association (our family lineage has a 1500 page book dating us back to 1612) so that was really interesting! They better stop the jokes or good luck won't be following them, eh??

They call me DetectiveRuth since I keep finding missing family people. One was just by amazing luck...a Doctor, like my other brother who's in another State, but a different middle name, in SOUTH AFRICA as a Missionary! HA - Detective Ruth - I need a badge and a paycheck!

Take care, Ru

03/17/2012 06:05 PM
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Amazing news!!!!!!

03/18/2012 02:24 PM
WeenellPosts: 40

thats fantastic Ruth. so pleased for you both x

03/18/2012 06:29 PM
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Thank you Weenell! What a relief - now onto the Evaluation a week from tomorrow! Ru

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