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11/14/2011 06:24 PM

Various--symptoms, possible

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11/14/2011 07:48 PM
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Wheezing if you have ascites is possible. Nose bleeding yes. My wife got a paint chip to match my skin and the whites of my eyes so she could track the jaundice.

11/14/2011 08:20 PM
MoonWatcherPosts: 842

"I am so tan, my skin, yet I am usually, before, fair-skinned".

Have you ever been tested for iron overload / hemochromatosis?


Hemochromatosis: a genetic condition common in Caucasians of Western European descent, where iron is absorbed at a high rate in the gut and builds up and damages the liver.

Symptoms are often seen between the ages of 30 and 50 and present as classic liver fibrosis symptoms. The liver symptoms are usually accompanied by joint pain and "bronzing" (darkening) of the skin.


A blood test (ferritin, iron binding, and free iron) can tell if you've got this. Treatment is easy. Therapeutic Phlebotomy to reduce iron.

The red spots... Are they like bright red raised pin-heads? Or irregular blurry and pink, around a quarter inch across?


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