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09/08/2011 11:28 AM

Slightly Elevated Bilirubin Count

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Hello all, I am new to this site, but was wondering about my last bilirubin count. It was 2.0 and as I understand it, normal level is 1.1. I developed liver hep last year and I stopped drinking alcohol for a year. My test 6 months ago was 1.6, but I have had social drinks 7 times in the previous 6 months and it is now 2.0. I guess my question is 2.0 from 1.6 a monumental leap or just a slight indication of alcohol consumed. There are so many conflicting reports out there, and I am trying to garner information myself, as I don't have medical insurance.

09/08/2011 11:37 AM
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A monumental leap would be when I went from around to to about 13 or 15. That was not until the last stages before my transplant.

09/08/2011 02:03 PM
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The continued consumption of alcohol certainly could be a main part of the elevation.

After you have a diagnosis of Liver damage You should have No alcohol of any kind ever. "Sorry" But once there is damage to the liver the alcohol can cause damage rapidly increasing your bilirubin in the process.

09/08/2011 03:42 PM
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Welcome pretzels! Glad you joined us. Be sure to check out mpmom's website at:

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