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01/03/2010 09:01 AM

Help with my nightmare

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Oh! What to do? Where to go?

Long story short - My mother has been addicted to alcohol, RX drugs, and illegal drugs for close to 41 years. She was diagnosed with Hep C and Cirrhosis of the liver March 2009.

December 2009 it all went down hill. Her live-in boyfriend of 26 years went into hospice December 22, 2009 dying of cirrhosis of the liver and hep c. She has broken her leg, and is still taking RX drugs. She is loopy, & unable to walk.

I flew home December 26th to figure out what to do. I live in Tennessee, she lives in Texas. I did get Medical power of attorney and Durable Power of Attorney. I tried to get her into a drug treatment to no avail. I also tried to get her into a rehab program for her leg and help with her meds - nope she is chronic not acute. Okay - now what? Her lover will be dead shortly and she is soon to follow. Who do I send her to to help her or do I move her to Tennessee? Do I let her die or do I try to help? I just don't know.



01/03/2010 02:17 PM
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First let me welcome you to the group. I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this horrible disease.

I know you are feeling everything from anger & frustration to sadness & fear.Please know that whatever decision you make your Mom is the one that made the decision that put her in this position.

Now please remember this is just my opinion .

The first thing I woulds do is bring her to Tennessee.

What ever else happens it would have to be easier to deal with closer to home.

Before that I would find a dr. and talk with them about her care. In order to get the prescription RX. she has to have someone prescribe them . As her POA you have the right to stop that , even against her will.If she (or you)are able to afford it look for a live in center.If not a new Dr. may have some idea on how to help. Here family services can help with this problem.

If you can stop ALL alcohol and drugs she has a good chance but you have to be really proactive. So be ready for a fight.

Most patients that come off the alcohol and drugs do improve and many Hep C patients wait until after transplant to treat the Hep C.She would have to remain drug free for 6 months to qualify.

You need to keep copies of ALL of her labs and test results.In order to tell where she stands with her liver disease you need to know Her Bilirubin, Albumin and INR levels you also need to know her Creatinine level.

Does she have Ascites and how that is being treated and Does she have Encephalopathy and how that is being treated.

If you can accomplish this she has a chance. If you can't get her off the drugs & alcohol at least you will not have to travel so far to see her. Make sure that if you have children in the home that ( if they are old enough) that you explain what is happening. If they are young that you are able to buffer how much they see.Your family has to come first. She choose this life they did not.If possible and she is not in a home of some sort try to find her somewhere else Near you to live.

Again welcome to the group and if I can be of any help please let me know.


01/04/2010 02:44 AM
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I am new here, but i was a home health nurse a few years ago. Have you looked into Hospice care it she does come to live with you. We had several patients living at homes where hospice were very involved, with the patient & family. Offering support to both and being the go-between for the patients and the doctors; Just an idea to think about.

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