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10/02/2011 08:06 PM

A different way to help fatigue and pain.

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I just wanted to comment on some workouts that people can do to help with fatigue, depression, anxiety, and pain; or almost anything you can think of. When you workout it releases endorphines that help with pain and all types of mental conditions also. Anyway, I'm 30 years old and suffer from Fibro, PTSD, and Chronic Fatigue. Here's some workouts that people might not have tried or thought about. I have heard that Zumba is good for fibro patients (or anyone suffering pain everyday, that can still be mobile). Always ask your doctor first. Since I own an x-box with kinect ( the sensor that "sees" your movements ). That's what I do. I also have an inversion table with gravity boots so it doesn't put strain on my ankles anymore. There are different workout discs for the kinect/xbox bundle, so I rotate when bored. Also have a dog and cat, so they keep me busy, they need love and caring also. I would recommended either or both of these methods. It's nice to do a slight cardio workout and then incline on the inversion table and help relax your muscles; it's also suppose to be good for the muscles and brain, since the blood is rushing to those places and not fighting gravity. After a few tries, you don't even get that head rush feeling when you get up again, which only requires lifting your arm slightly and bending both knees a little down, and your back flat. The kinect is more complicated, but it walks you through each move step by step, also recommend the dance central game, and the biggest loser, most have there own personal trainers, calories burned, a lot of stuff that a real personal trainer would do for you, but would cost more. Hope that helps some people. You people with kids probably already have the xbox, maybe even the kinect, if not it's about $150, and then the games I would buy used on amazon or somewhere I trust.

Take care all, keep the pain and fatigue away,



10/06/2011 03:00 PM
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Thanks for the work-out tips. Smile

As a person with Fibro. Uhm... there's NO WAY I could ever do Zumba. Sure looks like fun. But, for me- just doing some light cleaning around the house can set me back. boo hoo

Another thing that's good for chronic pain people, is water therapy or light impact water aerobics.

We have a Wii, and have the Wii Fit Plus. My daughter is currently doing that. She's studying to be a nurse, and is going to determine if she thinks this work-out would be good for me or not.

Oh! And, my hubby and I ride bikes, pretty much every night. Sometimes, we'll ride 4 or 5 miles, and sometimes I can only do 4 or 5 blocks! (I have a recumbent trike. It's better on the knees, arms, and no balance issues.)

Thanks again for posting. We all can use ideas. And, we each need to remember... no matter how much, or little, we need to just keep moving! Don't let our bodies not do anything at all.

10/06/2011 05:17 PM
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fibroforever im like you I cant do alot of exercise due to the pain in my legs and knees but for me water exercise works so well and it dosnt hurt till I get out lol. I been hearing alot about the wii and I really want to try that I told my husband thats what I wanted for christmas so we will see if we can make that happen. Its always good to know what others do it gives me ideas I love this post.

Hugs Mary

10/31/2011 05:10 PM
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Same here too, with my failed fusion and now a broken tibia, Zumba sounds a little to ambitious for someone like me.

11/01/2011 06:28 AM
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I agree with Valdien.... If you can get up and exercise then you should... The only way I was able to get it all kick started was with an Epidural Cath. pump that was in for about 4 months (nurse came EVERYDAY to clean it). It allowed me to go to PT and start doing my rehab on my leg. Don't get me wrong there was still pain but nothing like it was w/o the pump. From there I just continued to do my rehab. I had to re-teach myself to jog, even though that is the one thing today that still puts me over the edge with pain I still do it. I play softball on Friday nights now and just learned to live with the pain. I have met alot of new friends and they all say they would have never known anything was wrong with me if I hadn't of told them. I just keep the pain bottled up inside, not sure if that is a good thing but, like I always say "It's amazing how much pain you can get used to living with everyday".

I am not hear to brag or boast about the "life style" I live now and the things I can and can't do I am just saying I was not going to give up so I decided one day I was going to just re-adjust my life style and try and do the things I loved to do before I got hurt.

I will never give up and will keep going no matter how bad the pain gets. For me I have never been a couch potato or a home body and could not have imagined living the rest of my life in bed or a wheelchair. I hope this post does not offend anyone this was just my thoughts and contribution to this post!!!!!

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