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07/27/2009 07:24 PM

Check this out...

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i know this really meant a lot to me to read...i thought i would share it with all of you...i definitly give in way too much and feel guilt that i didnt earn...i am gonna work on this!!!

Managing Chronic Pain: Your Basic Rights

People with chronic pain are often “people pleasers.” We find it hard to express our needs and require that others respect them. And when our needs are not met, tension is increased and our pain seems worse. But you do have the same basic rights that you grant to others.

You have the right to:

1.Act in a way that promotes dignity and self-respect.

2.Be treated with respect.

3.Make mistakes.

4.Do less than you are humanly capable of doing.

5.Change your mind.

6.Ask for what you want.

7.Take time to slow down and think before you act.

8.Ask for information.

9.Ask for help or assistance.

10.Feel good about yourself.


12.Not have to explain everything you do and think.

13.Say "no" and not feel guilty.

14.Ask why.

15.Be listened to and taken seriously when expressing your feelings.

Read and reread these rights so that you not only know them by heart, but so that they become part of your daily life.


07/28/2009 06:43 AM
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Thanks Tracy! I think this is good for us all to read. I know I can relate to some of it. Have a good day.


07/28/2009 10:53 AM
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Thanks Tracy, When I am in pain I tend to forget how to act human almost. I am working on a few of them still. Especially remembering to take a deep breath before saying something you may regret.

07/28/2009 10:56 AM
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Thanks Tracy! Love it!!!

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