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07/14/2009 10:33 PM

darvocet - pain med experiences please :)

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hello all... has anyone tried darvocet? i have/had a spinal cord syrinx/tumor removed 2 years ago..& had a shunt inserted into my actual spine cord to avoide future syrinx/tumors from's quite a rare disorder i am now learning more & more about am looking forward to some semblence of a future, trying to figure out HOW to deal with this constant, nagging, sometimes aching (muscleskeletal), something electrical shocking(nerve) pain... as you all know, the pain is quite unbelieveable & i think it's more muscularskeletal than nerve (the never pain comes and goes) whereas the muscularsketal is constant (no relief)....

I take tramodol, soma, cymbalta and vicodin but the vidodin gives me horrific nightmares and constipation so my neurologist said we can try davocet and if not, i guess i am off to a pain speciailist.

what med's have worked for you all? your experiences (good and the not so good ones). Thank you much Smile


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