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02/21/2008 04:12 PM

wrist pain after surgery

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I had a fracture of my wrist and had surgery. An orbay plate was put in. It has been 6 weeks and I am in constant pain and swollen. My doctor seems to think this is unusual and might consider removing the plate. Has anyone had this experience?? please help

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02/22/2008 08:58 PM

I dont know what would do that. Hope it heals soon.

02/24/2008 11:57 AM
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Could you be allergic to whatever is in the plate?He should have checked that out before the surgery. I ask this because my mother in law had a knee replacement and was allegic to something in the new knee,it was nickel or something like that. You might want to check it out. You can get a free copy of your medical records from his office and the hospital where the surgery was done. It is amazing what you will find out about what really happened and what they say in those records. They have to be honest,because the records have to support the diagnosis and procedures. I used to work in a medical clinic in case your wondering how I know this. They are only required by law to give you one free set,after that they can charge you,so make sure if you give those copies to another doc or a lawyer you keep a copy for yourself. Hope you feel better soon. Keep me posted,I am really interested in what you find.

09/23/2011 05:45 PM
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Vmegias, did your condition turn out to be RSD? my wife is going through the same symptoms and is having a very rough time. John.

09/23/2011 10:47 PM
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I had surgery on my wrist and thumb 11/2 years ago and still have nerve pain which has turned into a burning tingeling pain...What type of pain do you have????If it burns and tingels you may want to be checked for complex regional pain syndrome???? Let us all know how you make out.....I do hope that your pain goes away if not get checked out......I hope you feel better....Mama

09/23/2011 11:04 PM
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CRPS used to be called RSD. Hers appears to be the one relating to her nerves. Yes, she says it burns and tingles. It is now down her back, on her other hand, and in her right knee. Here are her symptoms: en_clinical_practice_guidelines.html#Ana

Thanks for your note.


09/27/2011 08:08 AM
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Hi .... Hope everything will go well for you..this CRPS is something scary!!!

My w/c doc wants me to have a ganglion block cause he thinks it will clarify if I have CRPS...isn't it true that CRPS cannot be diagnosed if they have not ruled out everything else.

10/01/2011 05:58 PM
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I got CRPS a few years ago and it sucks, but some doctors can know if you have it...kinda like magic. I wish you the best of luck!

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