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11/28/2008 04:30 PM

What is a lung scan?


What is a lung scan?

Lung cancer kills more Americans than any other type of cancer. The five-year survival rate for lung cancer is only 14%. However, it's estimated the survival rate may be increased to 80% through early detection and treatment. The lung scan is a tool used for the early detection of lung cancer.

Lung cancer tumors are typically the size of an orange by the time they are discovered through a conventional x-ray. However, the lung scan may detect tumors as small as a grain of rice.

By detecting cancerous tumors at an early stage, an individual's survival rate may be significantly improved.

The lung scan may be a useful tool for the early detection of lung tumors and other abnormalities in people with any of the following risk factors:

Smokers (cigarettes, cigars, or pipes)

Exposure to secondhand smoke

Exposure to cancer-causing agents such as asbestos and radon

History of tuberculosis or pneumonia

Family history of lung cancer

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