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02/04/2011 05:24 AM

chronic pain with painful uncontrolled twitching

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Does anyone have uncontrolled body movements and painful, spasm-like twitching, including non-painful twitching with their chronic pain? I have been going through this for years now and no doctor seems to know why. I've talked to my pharmacy and they said none of the medications I take cause this either. My legs twitch a lot, but when I start to relax my arms, stomach, legs, neck, shoulders and etc..start to jump uncontrollably. There have also been times my entire body jumps up in the air off my bed after feeling an unpainful ripple, electricity like feeling shoot up my spine. When my legs twitch really bad, the twitching will start to get very painful. It almost feels like a muscle spasm coming on but not into a full blown muscle spasm. My feet also get cold and numb but I don't have any circulation problems. Does anyone have any ideal what this is caused by or what it is? Thanks.

02/04/2011 07:31 AM
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Hello Summerdays,

Welcome to the group. We have a wonderfull support group here and I sure hope someone will be able to help you with this but in any case you will find alot of support here.

I have no idea but it must be frightning. What do the Dr.s think this could be? Surely they are checking you out. If they aren't I would think they should be.

I hope you have a good weekend and you soon find out what is causing this.

Take Care!


02/04/2011 10:42 AM
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You're not alone. I too have the same symptoms. I'll lay down for a nap. As soon as my body relaxes I'll start twitching which only winds up waking me up again. The twitching I get is not one area specific. My arms will twitch, then my legs, or just my feet. Sometimes it's not too bad and other times, like you stated about your body "jumping", I do that as well. Although not terribly painful it's frustrating to say the least because it's breaking up relaxation and even sleep!

I too am very curious as to what doctor's will say about or give have an explanation as to why this happens. Particurlarly relating it to patients with chronic pain.

Please keep us posted on how it's going!



Check out my diary for the story on my chronic pain.


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