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07/26/2010 04:42 PM

Back/chest pain?

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Silly Group,

I have been having a problem of pain in my back/chesk area for over two years, and have not been able to work sents March 2008

My history:

My thoracic spine started bothering m as if it was slightly out of place and over several weeks it got worse.

Then my shoulders and upper arms started feeling fatiged and the skin felt stiff to me.

Soon after this my chest started hurting everytime right after my back started hurting.

Then everything changed, now as soon as my back starts hurting my chest starts hurting in unision.

I have Athrosclerosis and have had angioplasty 4 times, three of the times required placement of stents in my heart for clogged arteries, and one time they found a blockage but it was in a very small vein and not threating enough to work on, I ended up with 6 stents altogether and one litte heart-attack.

I have been checked for heart problems several times, such as blood tests, x-rays, and EKG's and everything checks out fine for me, I've had to argue with every DR. that it's my spine and not my heart thats the problem.

I was also DX'd with bulging disc's in my cervical spine and stenosis of the lower-lunbar, but nothing ever showed up with my thoracic spine according to my neoulogis.

But one x-ray from an ER clinic showed some degenerization in my thoracic spine, but the neou said he cound never find anything wrong using MRI's which I thought to be way better then x-rays.

I finally got several x-rays of my spine in April 2010, showing I have arthritis all up and down my spine

I now have a rhumitologist who is having new MRI's and new EMG's and some kind of bone testing done.

I hurt when doing everyday chores such as dishes, vaccuuming, Making mashed potatoe's, and even taking a shower, drying off, and dressing, more so if I'm in a hurry, and if I don't stop doing the activity the pain gets more intense and then I have to stop for fear that I will end up having a heart-attach due to the pain,

My wife and I can't even have any sex because of the pain, it hits me within two-four minutes and its all stop and thats the end of that, I say as I blush!

I even hurt sitting in my recliner watching TV, or while laying down but not so much and not as often. I hurt also when I get stressed over something, the more stressed the more pain.

I have other things going on with other parts of my body, but will bring those up at a later date.

Thanks for reading my post!


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07/26/2010 06:08 PM

Hello James

Im so glad that your doctor is repeating the tests and getting a bone scan.

Has anyone mentioned Physical therapy have you seen a surgeon about your bulging discs and your stenosis?

I have bulging discs upper spine and some narrowing lots of pain in neck/shoulders two doctors are now thinking I might have Thoracic outlet syndrome getting tested August 5th I started Physical therapy and I'm noticing great results also heat massage treatment on my neck for 15 mins works wonders it was the surgeon who said my discs didn't need surgery he sent me for the therapy twice a week. I'm glad I listened to him and didn't push him for any surgery.

When I went for the evaluation at the Physical therapist clinic she even asked if I had seen a Chiropractor not sure if any of these two options have been offered to you if not maybe you could ask if they could benefit you in any way at least until you know whats really going on.

07/26/2010 06:51 PM
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Hi Ladyjane,

I seen a chropractor twice and by the time I drove the 20 minutes back to my house I wished I'd went to the ER instead.

The urgent care Dr, who found the degenerization in my spine with the 1st. x-ray told me, begged me, not to allow anyone to do surgery on my back, he said more often then not you come out worse then you went in and I've had people that had the surgeries tell me the samething.

I cannot do Physical therapy because just slight movements with resistence cause me to have heart-attack like symptoms. I've had three Dr's suggest physical therapy but they agree I could not do it. I stocked soup cans at a grocery store!

I also have what is called round-back or hunch-back, its not to bad, also I believe I have scroliosis of the spine, a DR. told me no on the scroliosis because I didn't have the "S" curve in the thoracic area, but later I found out that if you also have round-back that your spine sometimes does not have the "S" curve but that the spine will twist instead, and this will cause rib pains, which I also get from time to time.

I to am glad I'm getting repeat MRI"s and EMG's done, as I filed for SSD back in Noverber 2008 and just had my hearing last June, but the judge knew of the MRI's and EMG's coming up so she put my case on hold until she can get those results.

Thanks for reading and answering my posts!


07/26/2010 08:55 PM

Hello James

Sorry the Chiropractor didn't work.

When are you having your MRI and your Bone scan?

I hope you dont have to wait to long.

My youngest son has curvature of his spine he has no pain we take him to see a back specialist he every six months he has x-rays and they take measurements the big concern is if it gets to were he needs surgery he is 13 and 6ft tall growing fast with that the curve gets a little more up there in the numbers the Doctor is trying to avoid the surgery too as its such a big procedure but he has no pain if left we have been told he might get arthritis in later life then again he might not so this doctor who is at the top of his profession says. And as you can see from the photo he is with me he is always smiling.

Sorry you have such a lot going on I hope you get seen soon and something to help with your pain.

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07/26/2010 09:39 PM
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Thanks Ladyjane,

I hope your son doesn't have to have that surgery.

It scarce me to think of back surgery for anyone!


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