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01/13/2009 08:40 PM

Hello Chronic Pain Members I Have Missed You All


Hello Everyone!! I have missed every so much. Tonight is my first night back online. I would love to hear how everyone's holidays have been and how you are all doing. I wil be trying to catch up on emails and messages this evening. If you have sent me a message or an email, please check your messages and emails for a response.

The trip to the hospital this time was a little more eventful this time around. My central line broke the last day I was online and Dennis and I had to go to the hospital right away so I was not able to let you all know. The line was replaced this time without the benefit of surgery and being out. I was wide awake in radiology while they were trying to yank the rest out of my neck. After coming home, I was in more pain and had trouble with all of the muscles, nerves, and everything else in the neck where it went in. Needless to say, I hope that I don't have to have another put in into next year at this time.

When I arrived home, my hardrive on my computer decided not to work either. We called and were sent a new hardrive (my puter is only 3 months old) and Dennis has tried to install it (between breaks in packing). It looks like the new one also has difficulties because installling it was not as straight forward as I was told it should be. I am using his laptop (yech) for the time being.

How Are You???


01/13/2009 09:49 PM
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OMG, I just think that's crazy. I can't imagine having sx without anesthetic! I hope they have to suffer that way, too, before they go into the business!!

Sorry to hear about your HD--that sucks. Hope it'll all get worked out really soon?

It's great to see you back!!! Laughing

Me, I'm doing ok, just survived another holiday season, ya know? LOL

Love ya!

Jen Smile

01/14/2009 02:43 AM
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Hi Dr.Patty and welcome back.Good to have u back.


01/14/2009 07:42 AM

Thank you so much for the welcome back!

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01/16/2009 08:55 PM
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Oh my goodness Thank God The doctor is back in the house. And you have been missed terribly... So glad you are back..

Hugs,Luv and Blessings,


Welcome Back My Friend!!!

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